Hi there!

Welcome to my website. I am Eduardo Morais, and I live in Porto, a hilly city by the Atlantic in northern Portugal.

I have maintained an online space ever since I first uploaded a website to Geocities in 1998. I was still a teenager who had just dropped out of Civil Engineering and had started to learn HTML. I had ample spare time while I figured out I wanted to do something related to computers, which I had an interest in ever since my parents gave me a Timex 2068 for my seventh birthday.1 In contemporary fashion, that first website of mine was a set of somewhat-unrelated pages about my interests - which back then consisted of Sensible Soccer, demoscene music, and graphic experiments, some yet done in Deluxe Paint in a Commodore Amiga, others in Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. Almost twenty years later, the idea behind this website is still pretty much the same: an independent place for my interests, projects and distractions.2

During that free and eventful year of 1998 I also had the luxury, now long lost, of living within walking distance to a movie theatre,3 and I took the opportunity to watch nearly every film released there.4 I began to pine for filmmaking. The following year I went into a professional development multimedia program where I besides delving further into web design I also got to experiment with DV cameras and video editing. I spent a couple of years struggling to make it as a freelance web designer during the dotcom bust, and finally I enrolled in Film School.

There's a saying that those who don't do, teach. On graduating Film School I was immediately offered to stay as guest lecturer, and later I lectured at the same college's Design program as well. Years later I still dream of proving myself as a filmmaker, working away from the pragmatic necessities and frequent drudgery of videography, but I also found my passion for teaching, which I continued pursuing at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Porto after leaving ESAP in 2015.

In the meantime, I rekindled my interest for digital design when I decided to pursue my Master in Multimedia, and made myself at home in the triangle that now defines my research, as a PhD candidate in Digital Media: art, education, and a critical outlook on digital technologies. So before getting too serious: you can read my CV for more details.

Rather than a clean presentation, this website remains a collection of whatever interested me ever since I started a blog called If Then Else in this web space in 2001. You can read about my projects, about some of my videos, about my experiments in code or about my research papers, things I tried to organize neatly. Still, there's also a vast web of unstructured and restructured blogging, an archive going back to 2001, of which, as my own personal archeologist, I am the main user: a weblog and a photologue of whatever I found interesting in that moment. Some work, but much play.


  1. I remember the frustration of not being able to do anything with it until an older cousin came over and explained I had to type LOAD "" before playing the tape.
  2. And though Sensible Soccer is videogame history, I still play the odd FIFA match, but don't write about it.
  3. And not only that, I had a Blockbuster video rental store right down the street.
  4. In 1998 I watched some great films like The Big Lebowski, Out of Sight, The Thin Red Line or American History X, but I also watched Armageddon and The Mask of Zorro (shudders).