Here is some of the software I've made over the years, mostly for personal entertainment.

Some of it might be useful, or fun!


Educational software that teaches and lets users experiment with concepts of digital video technology. It can be used standalone by students or as a lecturing tool by instructors.


A tool for slit-scan photography, complete with the ability to switch between webcam mode (if available) and video file analysis, a GUI (including dragging and dropping video files) and keyboard shortcuts.

Processing Sketchbook

I have committed a number of Processing programs and experiments to GitHub (3.x, 1.x/2.x). Here are some of the highlights, which I hope you find useful.

jQuery Enhanced Lightbox

The Enhanced Lightbox is a jQuery plugin that allows designers and developers to overlay single images and/or image collections in a webpage, using very little extra markup.

Mille Plateaux

Custom content management system for e-portfolios, as to support the unique features of the Cenário project design.