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Tweets: July, 15th - July, 16th is promising a way out of the online video collaboration mess. Sign up for beta invites —  

Was it a conspiracy or the result of DIY psychological warfare? How to Flawlessly Predict Anything on the Internet —…  

The Original Factory Education Was a Personalized Learning Experiment  

Attention, my architect friends: Photoshop fails in city planning —…  

Clayton Christensen and disruptive innovation: Is the concept a myth?  

Monday, July 14th

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Tweets: July, 11th - July, 14th

Jill Lepore: What the Theory of “Disruptive Innovation” Gets Wrong : The New Yorker  

Full Time: Fading Images of the World Cup «…  

I think music from the CD Era (the late 80s thru the 90s) actually sounds better on CD: The CD Case —…  

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