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Today’s xkcd is spot on.

Married To The Sea is one great webcomic. I would post a lot more here if it wasn’t such bad form, because I was really undecided about which illustration I should pick. So I settled for the seagulls. Living in a city where seagulls are a health hazard, I really believe that’s what they mean while they chatter overhead. (via Drive-by Blogging)

Love this xkcd. While teaching practical use (i.e. video editing) to kids who often reason and behave as if the computer is a black box with elves, fairies, unicorns and glitter inside, I’m always trying to offer a glimpse of the real beauty: Layer upon layer of progressive abstraction that allows for billions of very simple elements, such as what are basically on-off switches, to create something incredible complex, for instance a dramatic chipmunk.

A scary xkcd. Next week, I’m about to start teaching Editing to people born after the breakup of the Soviet Union. I teach at an University.