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I highly recommend Ashley Quach’s Sassquach comics. Here’s a panel from Mickey, Goofy and Donald’s Boys’ Night, in which things get rather unconfortable and bittersweet for the aging Disney characters.

I’m glad Mrs. Quach didn’t give a rat’s ass about copyright, as Nina Paley (of Sita Sings the Blues) put it in one of the most eloquent defenses of free culture I’ve read. I’m not at all a copyright abolitionist, but I believe the protected timeframes are ridiculous and that licensing should only ever be required for commercial use. Like Paley, I already dedicated a couple of videos to the public domain and intend to continue to do so when possible and the time is right. It would be very good if more artists followed suit.

xkcd made a beautiful tribute to Douglas Engelbart, who died last Wednesday. In 1968, in what became known as the 'Mother of All Demos', Engelbart did showcase most of the computing technologies we now take for granted. I’m sure LOLcats weren’t mentioned only because of time constraints.

As the World Continues (but now with gradually improving sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere), spare a thought for all the pointless posing and bullshit and ineptitude at communication that would have been such a sad summation of human History had the Mayan calendar actually been the territory rather than the map. Just go and call someone you like.

And let’s try not to scale honesty back too much, shall we? (via xkcd, obviously)

Sometimes I find David Malki’s Wondermark webcomic too busy and text-heavy, but often it pays off to stop and read instead of skipping to the next item on my feed: here’s The Winning Catchphrase.

This cartoon depicts something I find so annoying it’s sad rather than funny. A rather nasty variation of this creative forgetfulness happens to me a lot whenever I need to write (or design, or code, or edit) something difficult: I’m in the shower and I feel I come up with entire paragraphs of articulate, efficient wonderfulness, but then I sit down and it feels stilted, cumbersome and inadequate. The worst part is I have no idea if my thinking in the shower was rubbish to begin with and couldnt stand the test of being commited to physical existence, or if indeed I did forget it.

Perhaps I need a waterproof voice recorder. (via Inky)