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Aldeia do Trinta Sep 10th

Fernão Joanes Sep 9th

Vale Sep 9th

1696 Sep 12th

Ensaio geral de 'Transumância' com malta de Famalicão da Serra, Fernão Joanes e Videmonte Sep 14th

Videmonte Sep 11th

Ti Lurdes Sep 11th

Arco Sep 12th

Alvorada Sep 9th

Ti Zé Camilo Sep 9th

A vista de casa Sep 12th

Penúltimo dia Sep 14th

Bom dia, Videmonte Sep 10th

I spent a week in residence with the Teatroensaio company in the countryside, recording landscapes and interviewing locals in the villages of Famalicão da Serra, Fernão Joanes and Videmonte deep near Serra da Estrela. Some of the material was for the video projections of the Transumância play, and the rest will be edited into a documentary film. More soon!

I’ve been lending a hand to my friends Daniel, Liliana and Tiago at Sem Palco for their play Perfil Adequado. The first public presentation is tonight — 10pm at Maus Hábitos (Porto). Do come and watch if you’re nearby!