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Content-aware Typography, a blog collecting submissions of works that remix typography through Photoshop’s Content-aware Fill tool.

Meanwhile, in the field of digital art, an entire generation of creators shop at the equivalent of home improvement megastores, eagerly acquiring all kinds of prefabricated components and add-ons. Blissfully unaware of - or even worse, uninterested in - the basic nature of the technologies they are using as tools, the creative élite oversee the assembly of substandard digital objects and experiences.

John Maeda, in Maeda @ Media (2000), Thames & Hudson.

Substandard shit is what you’ll get through PhotoCopy. It’s AutoTune for images. What the hell, DFT — you guys used to sell the digital equivalent of paint mixers, now you’re marketing varnish!? What a waste of CPU resources.

… and Penguin-style book covers for films. J. Kottke takes a look at media packaging mashups.

I always felt that the works of art we call movies consist of more than just the sound and the visuals in a stretch of film, but also of their entire promotional material — trailers, posters, etecetera — because this material too manipulates the viewer’s perspective and expectations, just the thing the art of editing is all about. It’s as if, even though you don’t judge a book by its cover, the cover does influence how you’ll read the book, just like an opening chapter.

Peter Funch creates composite street photos with a common theme. Such as: people holding yellow envelopes.