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LOLanimals on Found Objects/If Then Else? Am I mad?

Well, I couldn’t resist posting this: convulsive laugh of the week.  (via The Cheat Sheet, which I’m finding such an handy digest I might just unsubscribe half my feeds…)


Table For One. One of this days I’ll probably be in this tumblelog, given my coffeeshop reading habits.

Wired: Photo Enlargers Loom Like Dinosaurs of the Film Age. Requiem for a technology. Even if film is still marginally hip, making color prints in a home lab is just insanely difficult, compared to scanning and (eventually) printing on an inkjet. And since you can’t flaunt your enlarger in public, unlike that old FM of yours, why put up with inconvenience?

I find this diorama by Lori Nix a fitting image what comes to mind when I think about last year. Could be much worse — the light is still on.