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2013 01 15 Jan 15th

2013 01 15 Jan 15th

2013 01 15 Jan 15th

2013 01 15 Jan 15th

2013 01 06 Jan 15th

2013 01 15 Jan 15th

2013 01 15 Jan 15th

These are some of my early experiments with slit-scan photography, made while trying a Processing application I coded mostly as a learning exercise. The software allows you to either 'scan' your webcam image or a video file, but since using my laptop as camera is a bit cumbersome, most of the above images were made by 'scanning' some random videos I had around. I'll have to try to shoot video specifically for slit-scanning — so far I found out that stable, sideways shots of slow-moving subjects work the best. (As an aside, slit-scan photography is basically one of the main techniques used by Photo-finish systems, only at very high frame rates.)

Anyway, I think the app is cool and stable enough to be worth sharing, so I made a download for Windows available — head to my Processing sketches page to get it!

Costumava brincar ali. O escorrega é feito em cimento. Dec 22nd

Caos. Dec 22nd

ACME. Dec 22nd

Equilíbrio. Dec 22nd

Face detection. Dec 22nd

Gestão (num shopping). Dec 22nd

Antena. Dec 22nd

O edifício da CMP parece doente. Dec 22nd

Usando um produto Apple. Dec 22nd

Telhas. Dec 22nd

Noite fria. Dec 22nd

Imagina o Porto. Dec 22nd

Windows com austeridade. Transparências e gradientes são caros. Dec 22nd

Django. Dec 22nd

Asprela. Dec 22nd

Hoje. Dec 22nd

Testing. Dec 22nd

Prestes a colocar um rolo cujo prazo de validade acabou há mais de 10 anos. That's entertainment. Dec 22nd

Andamento nisso! Dec 22nd

Computadores dos anos 90. Dec 22nd

While I'm not really eager to jump off the Instagram bandwagon after its Terms of Service debacle, as I slowly became fond of the Facebook-owned app, I came to realize that sometimes it's better to just be a costumer and pay for a service. Hence my decision to start syncing my Instagram photos to my Flickr account, copying all past photos in the process using Free the Photos. Since I auto-sync everything I have on Flickr to this little spot on the Web of mine, this means I'll have to rethink how I operate this very website, since I think the Tumblr / Flickr / Twitter / &etc. aggregation thing is starting to get a bit boring... and I really don't have the time for it now.

Apropos of all this, a friend showed me a good-looking Instagram alternative called EyeEm and we both tried it. And we found that it was such a privacy disaster (putting a big map on the WEB of your photos locations even after you explicitly turned that shit off and the mobile app acquiesced) that makes Facebook truly seem like a Johnny Tightlips. Just say no!

The More Pixels Law: Gigapixel Cameras and the 21st Century Reality Effect is an interesting read, but the above graph forgets about the 41 megapixel Nokia 808 cameraphone which completely closes the high-end/low-end megapixel gap. Anyway, I shudder to think of smartphones with gigapixel sensors running something like PlaceRaider (by then bought by Facebook and turned into the ultimate 3D augmented reality chat app or whatever kids will do in the 2030s). Will future society think there’s something wrong with people who keep their lenses covered with pieces of black electrical tape? (via New Aesthetic)