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Yesterday I linked the concrete, today the intimate: Rikki Kasso’s Tokyo Undressed (warning: some photos have lingerie, nipples, pubic hair).

With exposures that may take as long as an hour, you really don’t know what the end result will be. There is a little bit of faith involved, and a lot of imagination. That, and the fact that you have to wait to develop the film, just adds to the excitement.

Fred Conrad: Slow Photography in an Instantaneous Age

The other day me and Maria were appaled by this group of kids doing some photographic assignment, compulsively using the continuous shutter on their digicam (perhaps people feel more pro if they hear a continuous shutter — but thirty seconds for a single pose is a bit too much), taking literally thousands of uninteresting photos of people sitting — why not videotape stuff in HD and grab a still, then?

I like the immediacy of the digital, as long as you known and respect the craft. The digital as a crutch for laziness is poison. (via Kottke)

Sexy People intends to be “a celebration of the perfect portrait”. It certainly is. I bet the fine photo of an Italian gentleman above was well-regarded when taken, but I guess many of the portraits on the site were seen as bad pictures at the time they were taken, and dropped to the bottom of a shoebox. That is why I very rarely delete digital photos, some of the pictures that look crappy now will probably be the most interesting someday. (via Johanna Reed)

Peter Funch creates composite street photos with a common theme. Such as: people holding yellow envelopes.