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Misc. links Nov 1st - 20th

They say Hell is full of good intentions, one of which is my intention of writing a weekly post aggregating the B-grade stuff I post to Facebook. There are simply too many better things to do. Anyway, here’s some stuff I shared lately:

Liam Neeson in the A-Team movie! I guess that’s what they call Fuck-You money.

Isn’t Roxy Music’s More than This the most depressing song ever? I find ostensibly depressing music à la Portishead or Tindersticks somewhat funny. But a hint of sugar in a song kills me.

Writing this the day ChromeOS is out there in the wild, I’m more convinced Nicholas Carr’s arguments in The Big Switch are right. Which means the future hurts.

Geocities was shut down in late October, but never fear! Archiveteam is going to rescue your shit!

Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer’s history of Hip-Hop. I mean, Chap-hop!

Nick Cave’s cover of I Put a Spell on You.

Hackety Hack seems like a wonderful tool for learning how to program Ruby. It’s a shame that, as it is, some of the listings in the tutorial are incorrect and cause errors, disrupting the whole idea. But it’s still interesting if you know how to get you way out of trouble.

Pixel is the ultimate example of webcomic minimalism. Why won’t the author just do away with the ‘drawings’ and call it “short funny dialogues”?

I don’t travel much. Reading this page felt exotic.

The Times’ list of the 100 best films of the decade is… polemic. I can’t agree on anything. I would never even consider one of the first fifteen.

And a drum battle between Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich.

Misc. links Sep 26th - Oct 6th

The music video for The Blow’s Parantheses has some crazy recursions in it. Especially if you are watching it embedded in a Facebook page (wait for the end).

The Last Days of the Polymath. After finishing high school I took a one-year computer technology course and possibly the best thing about it was one of the instructors’ recurrent rants against overspecialization. Specialization is for insects, but it is hard to be a human nowadays…

Would you rather be rich or appear rich — you kinda choose between the two, you know? Here’s a thought: After all the things that happened because people borrowed more than they afforded to, shouldn’t interest rates be higher? I mean, why should my money in the bank and in investments be worth less while people who got loans to buy private condos are partying away with the surplus of their lowered payments?

Bad science story of the week: Early humans started walking upright for sex and food. Here’s a newsflash: every single living species that still lives started for sex and food! Duh!

A psychedelic Nigerian movie about Satan. I trully think Nollywood is closer to the future of motion pictures than Hollywood. If only those guys read the DV Rebels’ Guide.

This week in Facebook

For almost a year now I have been a Facebook user. I do like the idea of social networks, and while I’m aware of the argument that those websites are actually saying “Come and join the Big Brother, it’s Fun Fun Fun!”, I’m also aware it’s eventually up to you what information you do surrender — just like in the good old Web-at-Large. And while I might not like the centralization principle and how, for instance, having a YouTube account became more important than having your own, DIY website, the truth is that centralization just became inevitable when you really think about it. The anarchic utopia of the good old, from-Geocities-to-your-own-domain Web needed good search engines to be of any use, while in fact ‘mediocre’ is too good a word to describe the best search engines out there.

So yeah, anyway: I use, and like Facebook. I often post somewhat interesting stuff there, the kind of things that don’t make the If Then Else cut (the greatest example are music videos, which risk removal from YouTube and yelding a broken link), or stuff that doesn’t make much sense unless read by friends. But since I now think it actually allows for interesting blogging and notekeeping, I’m starting This Week In Facebook, in which I’ll list some of the B-grade stuff I added to my Wall. So:

Bjork’s Triumph of the Heart music video. Spike Jonze has a great touch for magical realism, in the sense of setting the bizarre in an everyday realist context. Exactly: this is that cat video.

The Incredible Amazing Awesomest Apple Keynote. I won’t doubt for a second this video made the rounds among Apple fanboys as a great thing, but rest assured: my intent was purely cynical. Those guys sell sleaze.

In 1993, David Fincher directed some ads for AT&T about THE FUTURE. And those turned out quite accurate, in fact THE FUTURE is actually even cooler since we got rid of all those f- ugly CRT monitors. YouTube commenters pointed out how eerie it was that such accurate predictions could be made. Except those weren’t predictions. To see something cool-for-real check out Mr. Kay.

Twenty reasons you’re still single. If you read If Then Else frequently, be thankful I almost never repost the Digg fodder I happen to read sometimes. But anyway, my reasons are #2 too independent, #8, doormat nice, and #10 too shy. And #21 I post crappy lists off the Digg frontpage to Facebook for all my female contacts to see.

The music video for Public Image’s Rise. You know, the Johnny Lydon not-in-the-Pistols band. I like the video, perhaps because there’s people beating mats in it. Or perhaps because I always think it’s a parody of something when I see it. I could be wrong, I could be right.