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I mean, why do we even need letters? Perhaps we could just use different symbols for different words. That’d be even more efficient, Blake. (via Inky)

The Big Caption is what the name says: a caption contest.

A cruel caption contest.

Neco Toüch is a game “all the rage among German children” that awards points for befriending feral cats with careful touches on the nose (eliciting purrs is a 1000pt bonus).”

Feral cats, really? I’d like to see the real version of that. Famicase Gallery: 2010’s best imaginary 8-bit games.

Apparently from a zoo in Dublin, this is how public signage should be. (via Drive-by Blogging)

When I saw this I imagined Wes Anderson directing a horror film in which three brothers go on a journey to India… but somehow end up in the jungle (not in the desert like in that other movie) being chased by killer elephants. Perhaps it’s the Futura. I’ll print a t-shirt. (via Pedro Quintas)

Unfortune Cookie

Webapp of the day: Unfortunate Cookie presents you with… misfortune cookies. The interesting thing about it is that it mines data off the historical document database, therefore backing its predictions with weird newspaper articles from the past.

There’s an explanation for this image, but please indulge me. I want to post it right as it is.