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Neco Toüch is a game “all the rage among German children” that awards points for befriending feral cats with careful touches on the nose (eliciting purrs is a 1000pt bonus).”

Feral cats, really? I’d like to see the real version of that. Famicase Gallery: 2010’s best imaginary 8-bit games.

Apparently from a zoo in Dublin, this is how public signage should be. (via Drive-by Blogging)

Well-Placed Pixels, a blog showcasing well-designed user interfaces. Quite a bit heavy on the iPhone side, but still worth browsing.

When I saw this I imagined Wes Anderson directing a horror film in which three brothers go on a journey to India… but somehow end up in the jungle (not in the desert like in that other movie) being chased by killer elephants. Perhaps it’s the Futura. I’ll print a t-shirt. (via Pedro Quintas)