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Meanwhile, in the field of digital art, an entire generation of creators shop at the equivalent of home improvement megastores, eagerly acquiring all kinds of prefabricated components and add-ons. Blissfully unaware of - or even worse, uninterested in - the basic nature of the technologies they are using as tools, the creative élite oversee the assembly of substandard digital objects and experiences.

John Maeda, in Maeda @ Media (2000), Thames & Hudson.

Substandard shit is what you’ll get through PhotoCopy. It’s AutoTune for images. What the hell, DFT — you guys used to sell the digital equivalent of paint mixers, now you’re marketing varnish!? What a waste of CPU resources.

I mean, why do we even need letters? Perhaps we could just use different symbols for different words. That’d be even more efficient, Blake. (via Inky)

Whenever I see color-coordinated writing/drawing instruments, I immediately start salivating for no reason, and get an urge to SPEND. Not a good sign. (this particular cruel example via Rita Falcão)