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Cameron’s World may well be the ultimate collage of 1990s web psychedelia, made from assets found in old Geocities websites. The best way to experience it, though, is definitely in the Windows 93 web browser.

This Verge gallery of Casio watches presents a look at what The Future looked like in the 1990s: bold, complicated, and full of optimism and potential — and gadget batteries that actually lasted several years.

Windows 93 is so good. This browser-based ‘operating system’ by Zombectro and Jankenpopp is a trippy homage to the Windows 3.1 — 95 era one can lose himself in.

It may be what these days they call clickbait, but I am so in the target demographic for this: The ways people described computers in the 1990s are hilarious, indeed. The stock footage section has shades of intense creepiness and I am possibly blocking memories of armies of Poser businessmen ever being a recurring motif; still @-signal psychedelia is Much the Nineties.

For comparison, here’s a screenshot of my real Geocities-hosted homepage, made in late 1997. The downside to years of data-loss paranoia and redundant backups is that I keep all kinds of embarrassing stuff, readily available for me to share with you readers whenever I find myself on a Cory Archangel-esque, aesthetic-appreciation-of-crap mindset. (Perhaps the Internet equivalent of my not-totally-ironic conversations on the merits and demerits of individual episodes in the Rocky series.)

Anyway, as it has been years since I last looked at this, I have a few questions to my 18-year old self: What the hell is that typeface in the title and background? And how could you even include that handheld-scanned ID photo? And is that darker background color purple or blue? (At 32, I can’t tell them apart.)

For the record I’m pleased no Comic Sans was found anywhere on that page. And surprisingly enough, no hitcounters!

The Geocities-izer will theme any website like a Geocities-hosted crapfest, which is why I found it appropriate to present the above image of my GC-ized website as a 16-color GIF. I think the transformation lacks a centered text layout, as well as a few animated buttons and Java hitcounters. But the garish colors: perfect.

Genius: Guile gets arrested. (via Circuitry)

In my early teens I spent a lot of coins at the arcades. By the time I was sixteen and it was legal to play in the coin-ops, I didn’t anymore.

Newsweek points us to the very interesting Internet Archaeology. Of the above, they comment “This is where it all began to go wrong”.

I agree.

That’s a screenshot of After Effects 1.1, released in 1993 by the Company of Science and Art (bought almost immediately by Aldus, which would merge with Adobe a couple of years later). Even though the current, ninth version, obviously looks quite different, the way some things are instantly recognizable is uncanny (or it’s just me, who’ve used AE since version five). AE Portal News has the After Effects 1.1 demo reel, which is an interesting flashback into early 90s motion graphics (people did like Futura Condensed!).