Misc. links Sep 12th - 26th

The fiction of the creative industries by Florian Cramer. From a Dutch perspective but translates well into the Portuguese reality. The gist of it — the ‘creative industries’ hype conceals centralism (and nepotism) under a veneer of advertising, and harms both non-profit Art and independent creative businesses. Agreed! (via Ricardo Lafuente)

A Reddit group about explaining stuff in a way a five-year-old could understand.

JavaScript Garden: good documentation about the idiosyncrasies of the language.

Txt2re is a useful regular expression generator. Headache relief indeed.

An introduction to Arduino — a comic book. Perhaps I’ll start tinkering with electronics now?

This realtime face substitution demonstration is easily the creepiest video I’ve seen recently. It almost seems like a nasty device out of cyberpunk sci-fi.

A selection of the best moments from The Simpsons, according to Wired.

You Are Not a Photographer. Or, owning the kit and using it on occasion doesn’t make you a master — sometimes, hardly an apprentice, it seems.