A new design

Update, Dec. 6: So I kinda consider the redesign process closed, as much as these things are ever finished. There are too many updates to mention, so if you're interested my best advice is to just start exploring what's on the menu (chuckles). Happy browsing!

It seems incredible it had been more than five years since I last deeply redesigned this website. I remember that back when I first designed its percursor, the blog If Then Else, the web was young, I was eager, and the iterations were monthly. That was April 2001. Now social networks take so much away (and this website, for all its independence, does aggregate posts off Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr) that this notion of having a personal website, having YourName-dot-com, seems as oddball as it was in the 1990s: the eccentric hobby of a technophiles, like ham radio or DIY electronics. I can say I do own my online persona and that's the entire point. Or I may rephrase that as something cool and say I'm contributing to the Indie Web.

So welcome to the new 2016 iteration of my website, now featuring some the typical expectations of a 2016 website — responsive design (as if people would surf the Indie Web on their cellphones! Ha!), higher resolution images, bigger font sizes. And finally, the homepage design recognizes how far less blogging I do nowadays, but won't ever bury the more exquisitely crafted posts (ahem!) under a bunch of forgettable tweets and Instagram pictures.

The site was you are looking at is yet very incomplete — many of the projects & portfolio pages are still missing and some of the previously existing links will still throw 404s for a while. I'll update this post as I go along. 😊