October 26th 2013

Like a boss. Oct 26th

Monstros coloridos (2013). Oct 26th

Intermináveis obras (2013). Oct 26th

Gotham. Oct 24th

RU+A de Cedofeita. Oct 21st

Rua de Cedofeita, para memória futura. Oct 21st

A RU+A continua! Oct 21st

RU+A: Third continuando a ilustração. Oct 21st

A RU+A continua! Oct 21st

Instagram, week 43, 2013: more RU+A project graffiti interventions in Cedofeita by Mesk, Third (finishing his painting of Billie Holiday) and the Maniaks collective; Hélia Aluai's earlier intervention has a rather interesting effect when backlit at night.

And also: a (rather central) building that resembles something out of Gotham City — hadn't noticed it before! Yellow truck involved in that endless roadwork at the doorstep of the college where I work. And it's nice to see Ari the cat growing up.