September 17th 2004

The sound of a drill in the morning

New at the imagelog: The first test pictures taken with my brand new, thirty-five years old Electro35 GT, after picking it up at the repair shop (I'm suspicious it didn't need repair, some fiddling with the adapted battery so it didn't make contact with the metallic camera body would do the trick). It's still damn nice it works, the Electro is indeed a lovely camera, even if the GT seems to have a lot more 'personality' than the GX I used before — i.e. the GX was virtually point'n'shoot, while the GT requires a bit more care as the automatic shutter doesn't have as much agility to match the aperture you set.

I surely love the baroqueness of the camera when I'm out using the wide-angle lens and put the auxiliary viewfinder. Somehow it makes people look away, understanding you are an artist and that you have a right to take pictures of doorknobs and tree bark. Carrying an ordinary-looking camera, you're just crazy.

Not being arsed to send a message to a fellow blogger offering invites, that's how much I wanted a Gmail account. After all, your humble narrator has a POP3 mail account with mail server temporary storage of up to 800 hundred megs (less a couple of hundred megs I use for HTML and database storage), courtesy of my hosting service. However, when I saw the Gmail-O-Matic distributing invites people are sick of playing out to get some miserable ammount of blog karma, I thought "oh, why not?". So, if you are really webmail desperate, use that website. Supply doesn't meet demand (I'm sure someone somewhere is auctioning his invites), so insert your current e-mail in that box, then reload the page saying no luck often. I, for one, might actually end up using Gmail. Years of poor management and carelessness turned my POP account into a spam sink taxing enough for the Thuderbird spam filters (a new version — 0.8 — is out, by the way), so I might start from zero. I might drop the current POP account and create a new one that shall only be handed to people 'in person', while using Gmail as a more public address, for webpages and such (I will still enforce anti-spambot measures, of course, but those spiders are getting really smart...). Hate-mail will always take a bit to fill up to one gig...