Bottom of the pops

And this week's number one hundred is... Aisth, and their delicious alternative pop MP3s you can legally download from their website.

Things I don't like: What's with all Top Ten charts? If we are continuouslly bombarded by the best-selling records list, do we need such an extra reminder? I really think that in a perfect world we'd have the Least Ten charts, giving us the possibility of getting to know new stuff. However, in case such a chart would suck, a compromise solution would be the 110-100 chart, digging through alternative stuff. Nice.

Black cats are nice

Beijing 2008: Not unexpected, really. Come to think of it, China is the perfect ground for corporate-heavy Olympics. This won't be Moscow 1980.

Doesn't conform with the original record

OK, if the last post meant shit to you, here's are less boring pieces of software: Signwave Auto-Illustrator is Adobe Illustrator with attitude, and the newly-released Auto-Effects (requires a registered Auto-Illustrator, which is free) enables Auto-Illustrator users to convert motion .AFX (cool extension) files into cool-looking Flash movies. Nice.

Open-source can be lame: There's PHPNuke, the excellent and easy to setup and customize portal management system, and there's Post-Nuke which is a crap fork, even though there are a lot more developers. Why? Go figure.

At last I am on vacation (even though I still keep a part-time job until the end of the month), as I did my final exam this morning. Hurrah!

No corporate webshite developers

Internet's End, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another. Mind you, the Internet is full of ends, ain't it? Mental note: create my own end, and make it a 404 page.

Yet more Suomi extravaganza: Fthr of The Planet of Leather Moomins features some amazing artwork on his personal website, being my favourite the fucked-up Mafia vs Ninja. I just don't get why Fthr thinks everyone has a 1280x1024 desktop, so zoom in and pan (right-click) the Flash movie on the left if you are stuck on 800x600 and don't see the menu.

Mika Puskala's E3 is on a summer break. Time to re-check the first three issues.

According to an UN report, Finland is the world's leader in technological deployment. Which is nice, because it is an European country. And Norway is considered overall the best country in the world. US of A, the world leading nation? Only in guns, maybe. You make me sick.

However we resist is now gone. The author announced he's going to stop working on the website. Sad. As the net grows independent websites are getting killed by the thousands...

One of the yellow ones

Last week my father bought a new mobile phone, and gave me his older phone, a Siemens M35i (one of those yellow ones), so that I could finally get rid of my Ericsson 'the brick' 688. The Siemens has a few games, including the horrible, imoral, shameless and fun Minesweeper ("with Microsoft's compliments", it says). However, it's a game called Reversi that I have become addicted to. In a nutshell, it's a version of the Othello table-top strategy game, and it has slowly started to become a time-sink, as I play it even while at home with work to do. 'Reversi Anonymous', anyone?

Trilinear filtering

Doesn't Vangelis' NASA Mission to Mars theme song sound awfully like Star Wars — The Phantom Menace's?

It seems that East Timor will get 90% of oil sales after a new treaty with Australia. I can see Petrogal rushing to Timor at any moment now, starting another era of 'friendlier' Portuguese colonization. Can't we ever leave those people alone? *sigh*

Hurrah, got the perfect PSX emulator: FPSE will make old Playstation actually look better, and it's much more configurable than that VGS crap I was using. The result: a few hours playing International Superstar Soccer.

Three-year old rave megahits

The 2001 Designer Site Chklst: is your website really trendy and tuned to the zeitgeist? This is a nice stab at today's creative elite, and although I may admit to use random polygon shapes, lowercase type, experimental sections, :: as design element, MM_ javascript, sans-serif fonts, experimental electronica loops, and scanlines as design elements, I'm still far away from checking all 30 items in the checklist, right? Right. Anyway, what saves me (and my clients and visitors) is being a functionalist, so my websites at least are usable and intuitive, although I might have a cronic disrespect for web standards. I think no item on the checklist can be considered as bad, as long as people design responsibly and ergonomically. (link via the asian bastard)

Today is St. John's Day, that means the annual celebration in this city. So we'll all be eating sardines at diner, and afterwards we'll launch balloons and go outside and try to hit anything that moves with a soft plastic hammer (it used to be a weird garlic stick in the old days). Tradition is fun.

So, that Net Authority thing was an hoax. I fell for it, so did The Register. Such fundamentalist groups exist though, and that's why that hoax did work so well.

A brain on feet?

However... Is this worse? It seems that Christian groups consist mostly of negligent parents that prefer to ban 'offensive content' rather than properly educating and keeping an eye on their children. People should go after such negligent parents, not people who provide content that is not for children. (link via Zeldman)

Now this is just stupid. So let's ban Minesweeper, because that small inhuman game is actually pro-landmine propaganda. What a load of crap. I'm really fed up of these 'humanitarian' dreadheads who are against censorship (defending 'offensive' games such as Quake) but then decide to attack WinMine... had Christian fundamentalist groups decided to attack WinMine first, hippie marxists would be pro-Minesweeper now. Why can't just people understand that it is a fucking videogame? We've all killed billions of electronic creatures, haven't we? Are we all serial-killers? Of course not. In WinMine you are not placing landmines (unlike in good strategy games like C&C), you are avoiding them! So WinMine has landmines, let's ban it! Shootings kill people, let's ban shooting games! Car accidents kill people, let's ban racing games! Drugs kill people, let's ban Dopewars! This is just a load of bullshit, as hypocrite as Brigitte Bardot's pro-animal rights, but racist movement. You either allow everything or ban everything, for sake of coherence. Radical groups have tried to ban a few of the genres mentioned, but personally, I'm against censorship, which only fuels hypocrisy and oppresses people. Let's fight landmines and other forms of violence in real life, and let's leave videogames alone, 'cos many of us love them. Shall we? (link via the null device)

Shopping malls are citadels

Video Data Bank: Video Art and Video Artists. Pity there are no full video downloads, as copyright still seems stronger than indie ideals. Anyway, it's still worth browsing.

Afghanistan is the hidden superpower, the Taleban are the shadow rulers of the world: According to this article, their leader, the Mullah Mohammad Omar, claims that the cause of the US' (and the rest of the world's) economic slowdown is their ban on poppy cultivation, starting a crisis on the world's drug trade. And obviously, the 'economic miracle' of the late 90s was tightly related to very high production of opium (and thus heroin) in Afghanistan. I once read that one third of the world's economy is illegal economy, so I find the Mullah's claims quite believeable. (article via Rebecca's Pocket)