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I just had to!

In 2009 the Google Corporation will take over the World. I read this before going to bed yesterday, and then I dreamed I was watching BladeRunner but there was a gigantic Google logo on the Tyrell Building. And the next moment I was playing ISS Pro Evolution Soccer and I lost the championship to Bayern Munich in the last round... er, but that's another story.

Back to the normal programming: Posted earlier on Slashdot, a comparison between new generation media formats. Nice to see Ogg Vorbis is going strong.

And someone has also pointed me to Paralexia. And yet another one, 8081.

Hm someone sent me a link to Visual Guitar by e-mail. Hm, guitars, me? That's something for the Manager.

The Public Space Iniciative, for Americans who want to take the piss.

Shit, I haven't replyed e-mails in weeks, neither checked the sites people send me. So here they come, quickly quick.

Fontomas is back! Get the 10 new fonts quick before they put them offline! Oh, and Mass is really nice. (via acb)

A founding father

There are eight different kinds of weblogs. Hm, only eight?

Incidentally, I was putting up the finishing touches in the new version of Cafeína when I got that e-mail. The new site is now online, even though there are a couple of features still missing (I had to rush it because if the newspaper article I suspect will be published tomorrow).

Hm I got an e-mail from a journalist at one of the half decent Portuguese newspapers (Público, being DN the other) with a few questions about Cafeína, and it seems that it is the oldest Portuguese weblog-type site, despite being only two years old. Which is nice.

The International Life Stock Exchange: Considering compensations payed to victims of American 'friendly fire', it is safe to say that an Afghan's life is worth 1/700 of a Chinese's, 1/10000 of an Italian's and 1/30000 of an American's. Or, that for an event in Afghanistan be considered of September 11 magnitude 90 million people would die (which is impossible since there no 90 million Afghans, but it'd be nice to know how much is a Pakistani's life worth).


The Adventures of Eduardo Sousa at film school: The grades were published today, which means I am now officially on vacation. Oh, and they were good: Five 16s and one 14 (both out of twenty), the best average for any first year student. I really feel as if I was some sort of cinematic Marco van Basten. OK, time to get humble again, and enjoy my vacation.

Lemon adobe giraffe

Nielsen sez: Mac users are smarter. Or at least they are more 'web-savvy', more educated and make more money. Nooo shit! Jakob Nielsen's report is on the edge on redundancy, as the fact is that the average Mac is way more expensive than the average PC and consequentely only affordable by people who make more money, who will tend to have higher education and afford to spend more time online. And it took an 'Internet guru' to figure this out. Let's all bow and praise Nielsen for yet another study of unprecedented depth and thought.

I need to post this now and then but... Mark Rosenfelder's Metaverse is perhaps the greatest personal homepage ever. Of course the fact the page deals a lot with linguistics helps a lot, since it is something which is as esoteric to me as the superstring theory. I wonder how come this guy doesn't do a weblog. Anyway, here's a rant on why AI could possibly exist, even though the Turing Test is rubbish (note: I don't think it is at all rubbish, non-human intelligence will have no clue about human experiences, so the fact an AI being couldn't calm a baby wouldn't at all mean it had no intelligence). Then there's the usual mind-blowing stuff: English in Chinese-like characters, Arabic and Ameridian words in the English language, and the history of Chemistry in Earth and a place called Almea, which is somewhat related to a a place called Verduria. Someone should get out more.

Destroy all human culture

By the way, I used to buy Shift but it was yet another one which disappeared from the Portuguese newsstands when distribution giants Electroliber went bust. Now there's Mute.

Shift (the Wired for non-geeks) has an article about forthcoming digital dark ages. No, it is not an article about DRM and such, but instead about the future archeological problems related to the digitalization of our entire culture. We all have seen the movie studios that allow very old films to rot without doing anything because of hypotetical copyright problems. This is worse. Also on Shift, a rather biased article about Microsoft's Palladium project.

Metronomic underground

Oddly enough, now I seem to rent less movies since I got a DVD, perhaps because watching movies on my computer isn't as confortable as the living room. Yesterday however I rented Final Fantasy which I had skipped when it was on the theatres. The animation is definitely amazing (mainly Aki Ross' skin and hair — it seems that a lot more work was put into her than on other characters), but the narrative is a bit rubbish. The Gaia theory would surely allow for a good sci-fi/fantasy movie... but this?

There was a good comic relief moment at the draft however. After the first selection based on school degrees we were in a room listening to an officer explaining what was going to happen next, and all of a sudden someone's mobile starts ringing... with a national anthem ringtone. The fact that suddently the whole room bursted laughing (even the military officers) was nice.

I went to the military service draft last Wednesday and as expected I wasn't approved fit, but even though I got a bit of a relief. I mean, doesn't the military service in European countries go against the Declaration of Human Rights by doing a distinction of gender? Then again, one could argue that in Israel men and women are born equal. Anyway, to hell with it, I'm out and I feel relieved.

Ronaldo. Again.

Looks like Generative.net got quite an increase in projects over the last few months. That Wave Scrambler in Perl is quite nice.

Where has the Political Compass gone? Oh, here it is! It seems they changed some questions though, now I'm -4.5 in the libertarian-authoritarian axis, and around -6 in the communist-neoliberal ('left'/'right') axis. It seems this new test put me further on the left, and a little bit less libertarian. Still around Ghandi's area though.

Someone did me a big favour and lost my Tri-Repetae record, so I was downloading the seminal Autechre album through Soulseek, off someone with a website called Times New Roman.com. Weird minimal stuff.

The secret lives of numbers. I dunno what it does, but it looks nice.

What's with Iberian languages? Take a perfectly regular name such as João (look, you won't spell it 'juhao' — if you can't emulate the bass tones typical of the Portuguese language you better say 'Juan' or even 'John', which are similar), and its diminutive will be 'Joãozinho' (or 'Juanito'). The same goes for Ronaldo and Ronaldinho (and there's also the superlative 'Ronaldão' — thankfully 'Joãozão' is quite uncommon). What's the point of having diminutives bigger than the original name?

VM has a good World Cup wrap-up. Why whould I bother doing one? Oh, and the two Ronaldos talk show is really a good idea. But you could add WC94 player Ronaldão too. That'd be even better.

So Brazil wins their fifth World Cup with a 2-0 win over Germany (Ronaldo at 67' and 79'). I actually wanted Germany to win (well, no — actually I wanted Brazil to lose), but as always on this World Cup my favourites lost. And what's with Ronaldo? Can you imagine him in his thirties? More Maradona than Maradona, I say. Damn, four years of Brazilian utter arrogance ahead.

Hakan Sukur

Went to see Goran Bregovic live. I haven't been to live concerts for quite a long time, and this was one of the best I ever been to, at least the most fun. Goran Bregovic, know for his movie soundtracks of Emir Kusturica's films such as 'Underground', presented that blend of Yugoslavian folk and Western styles. The percussion, the brass section and those Bulgarian female singers were top-notch. Great.

Korea 2, Turkey 3. Turkey grab the 3rd place in the World Cup. Hakan Sukur scored the fastest goal in World Cup history at 11 seconds, the others were scored by the now inevitable Ilhan Mansiz (13' and 32'). The Korean goals were scored by Eul Yong Lee (9') on a free-kick and by Chong Gug Song at 93' — the last kick of the match. Tomorrow: Brazil x Germany, the Big Final.

Ronaldo's ugly haircut

Portuguese coach Oliveira: sacked. Which is nice.

Brazil 1, Turkey 0. Ronaldo at 49'. So it's going to be a WC first Brazil x Germany in the Final. I hope they won't play for the one-nil.