Takayuki Suzuki

Surprise, but not so surprising: South Korea 2, Poland 0. Scorers: Hwang (25') and Sang Chul (52'). This ought to complicate things in Portugal's group. Even if tomorrow we win against the United States, we'll meet a despaired Poland in the second match and a moralized Korea (which I have little doubt will win against the USA) in the last game. Even though Portugal will almost certainly qualify, it'd be nice to avoid playing against Italy in the Last 16. Anyway, as I said about Japan, this match was proof that South Korea isn't that bad, and can in fact surprise many.

Surprise, but not so surprising: Japan 2, Belgium 2. Marc Wilmots (57') opened the score for Belgium, then Suzuki (59') and Inamoto (67') made it 2-1 for Japan, and Van Der Heyden (75') made the final score. This game was a confirmation of two things: 1. Belgium sucks and 2. Japan is not as bad as most people said. With many Japanese players on European leagues, I was hardly surprised.

Costa Rica 2, China 0. Scorers: Ronald Gomez (61') and Mauricio Wright (65'). Was this a World Cup match? Anyway, I'm always rooting for teams where the players have ugly half-saxon, half-latin names.

Christian Vieri

And not surprisingly: Italy 2, Ecuador 0. Christian Vieri (7' and 27') made the usual couple of goals, then Italy reverted to their usual ultradefensive tactics. I'm afraid they'll go as far as the final.

And then came Brazil 2, Turkey 1. Hasan Sas (47') made 1-0 for Turkey, but then Ronaldo (50') fought back in typical Brazilian fashion. However, the 87th minute penalty scored by Rivaldo was pure robbery, and Rivaldo's blatant impersonation of someone being shot by a sniper near the end (which got a Turkish player a red card) will have to be punished by FIFA, if there's still fairness in football.

Croatia 0, Mexico 1. Not surprsing, since Croatia is not as good as it seems. Scorer: Blanco (60').

Gabriel Batistuta

This is not the first time we've seen a kick-the-football Flash game, but Sónar Challenge is incredibly hard and actually challenging. By the way, has football became the apex of cool now? Why is Diego Maradona endorsing the Sónar Multimedia Festival?

I've tried Circle for a bit, it seems a nice Gnutella-like P2P app. As with all shiny new P2P tech, there's an undeniable cyberpunk feeling to it. I ought to try it some more.

An anthropological guide to flirting. This is the kind of study that makes me whistle Wie Sind Die Roboter. (via many)

And the FAQ has been updated.

And on to the other news: You may have noticed that little green asterisks have appeared next to the weblog links in this page. That's because IF THEN ELSE now uses Metalinker, an interesting device that will instantly allow you to search Blogdex by clicking on the asterisk. Nice.

Spain 3, Slovenia, 1. Raul (44'), Valeron (74') and Hierro (87') for Spain, Cimirotic (82') for Slovenia.

The all mighty and powerful English squad... 1-1 against Sweden. Sol Campbell at 24' and Alexandersson at 59'. I wonder what will the English Manager say about this.

Paraguay drew 2-2 against South Africa. Roque Santa Cruz (39') and a great freekick by Francisco Arce (55') did 2-0 for Paraguay, but then Estanislao Struway (63') and Quinton Fortune (91') fought back.

Argentina beat sentimental favourites Nigeria, 1-0. Gabriel Batistuta at 63', as usual.

Miroslav Klose

NASTY NASTY NASTY: Compare this with this. I really don't mind people using my webpages' source, but when they insert a copyright with their name that's armed robbery!

Well, and what about that? Germany recorded their largest World Cup win ever against Saudi Arabia. 8-0, that was. Scorers: Miroslav Klose (20', 25' and 70'), Michael Ballack (40'), Carsten Jancker (46'), Thomas Linke (73'), Oliver Bierhoff (84') and Bernd Schneider (91'). Whoever said Germany weren't favourites, take a look at that.

Uruguai lost 2-1 against Denmark. Scorers: Jan Dahl Tomasson (45' and 83') for Denmark, Dario Rodriguez (47') for Uruguai. Rodriguez's goal has been the best so far in the Cup, a beautiful left foot volley from outside the area.

Nice to see that Patrick Mboma does indeed exist. He has been my star striker on ISS Pro Soccer for ages.

Cameroon drew 1-1 against Ireland. Scorers: Patrick Mboma (39') for Cameroon, Matt Holland (52') for Ireland.

Fourty five degrees

Agreed! One cent coins are a pain in the backside.

China wants to have a pemanent lunar base in 10 years. Somehow I think NASA will have a budget raise soon.

Ah, ever wanted your own Lego mini-me? (via usr/bin/girl)

Long gone are the 'Anarchy in the UK' years. Now it's more like 'Anorexia in the UK'. (again, via TND — are you noticeing the pattern?)

Ah, remember Fawlty Towers? It seems it is based on a real-life maitre d'. (via TND)

Get Your War On. A Dilbert? Hm, I gotta do a few more Flat People by the way.

Wired's Top 20 Sci-fi movies. I agree with BladeRunner, Gattaca (oh yes) and 2001 being at the top, but Matrix? I mean, Matrix is good, but hardly the 3rd best ever sci-fi movie. And where has Forbidden Planet gone?

Follow the gravity's pull

And so I went on to watch Attack of The Clones. Unlike the opinions shared on many other weblogs, I actually enjoyed the first half much more than the second. Although slowly-paced, it was very refreshing for a Star Wars movie — I specially liked the BladeRunner-esque depiction of Curoscant by night and the speeder chase. Jar Jar became a much less obtrusive character (although he has an important role in the plot he doesn't appear more than 5 minutes in the film), and Jango Fett became on of my favourite SW villains, as somehow he seems someone out of an old 80s arcade game. Then, the second part of the movie was actually a bit of a letdown, as all action seems to take place on the same planet (Geonosis), and worse, first the factory part looks like a bad platform game, but then we really didn't need Gladiator with alien monsters, did we? Although it was nice starting to see familiar Star Wars things in The Big Ending Battles — such as star crusaders and stormtroopers —, the whole thing seems a bit repetitive. Even the Final Lightsaber Fight (a formality in each Star Wars movie) is a bit crap. Then again, it is nice to know about the genesis of the Death Star, the Empire, the stormtroopers, how Anakin becomes Vader. Attack of the Clones is Star Wars. Bad acting, plot holes, cheesy dialogue. And for me, it is the best episode after Empire Strikes Back.

WinMX 3.1 has been released. Hopefully this will become a great P2P client again.

Creative Commons is now online. There also a demo at O'Reilly. Useful for creators who oppose copyright fascism.

Rack full of cool

A meme that has been around for a few days is Rolling Stone Magazine's 50 Coolest Records ever. In fact, respectable bloggers seems to be listing how many of those record they own, so why wouldn't I? Here's Protection by Massive Attack, Revolver by The Beatles, Vespertine by Björk (which I have on MP3 and don't like that much, where has Debut gone?), Odelay by Beck, Dig Your Own Hole by the Chemical Brothers and Classics by Aphex Twin (come on, there's better from Richard). And as far as Uncoolest Records go, I have none. Thankfully.

Ze Germans evil plan to invade ze United States. Only that it was in the 19th century.

No! First there were Hot or Not tests, now there are What's Better?. (via memepool)

Civilization CXX

Bought Ghost World, the comic book. It was only a matter of time, after such an excellent movie.

An advanced civilization... 120 million years ago? Well, according to some science books I've read evolution started from scratch 300 million years ago, when the biggest known mass extintion occurred, and I did think that there was a possibility of an ancient civilization existing before that. There were other mass extintions, such as the one that killed dinossaurs, so I'm not that surprised if there were civilizations in the distant past. But if this new discovery is true, it's a very nice thing indeed.

Pseudo-bohemian losers

There. I killed Republica Asseptica. No point in having a forum if no one posts there right? Another one for the Website Failures Hall of Fame.

Went to see Ghost World. Directed by Terry Zwigoff and based on a comic book by Daniel Clowes, it might very well be one of the best things I've seen this year, and certainly the most influential. Essentialy, it is a drama with many good comic relief moments, about a girl (Thora Birch) and a older man (Steve Buschemi) who just don't fit in society. The movie is full of subtle but demolishing social criticism, taking down everything from the art world to fast food culture. It also does a good job at showing european film-makers that people on the edge of society aren't necessarily drug addicts, prostitutes or sexual fetishists. Overall, Ghost World is perhaps the movie closer to my own perception of the world I have ever seen. No wonder the theatre was nearly empty on a Friday night premiere...

Scary! A list of 10 new copyright crimes for the new millennium. The article seems intended to be a joke, I think, but so did similar articles written a few years ago which came out true. (via The Null Device)