The Indeterminacy Regulators

For those of you interested in We've Got Blog but don't wish to fork out around €14.00 plus shipping, there's a very handy index of the book's articles at, which means that you can read the book for free as allmost all of the book's content is available online. However, the book is cheap enough for those interested on a 'blogging time capsule'.

Managing Cafeína's MySQL database wouldn't be possible without PHPMyAdmin. Version 2.3.0 has now been released.

And while I'm at it, VirtualDub is perhaps the most useful video app around, although the capture function could be better, as it lacks DV device control.

Linux video editing is finally looking serious. Cinelerra might be serious competition for Premiere — and it is free and open-source. Windows users like me have MovieX One, which is good free editor, not open-source though.

Ten Thousand Statistically Grammar-Average Fake Band Names. Hm. I guess Stephen Jay Gould had a point in refusing statistical averages, because most band names presented in the page rubbish. Anyway, I'm a sucker for generative stuff, and there are a few good proposals among those names. (via acb)

Wired reports that Alba has died. In case you don't know, Alba is that famous fluorescent rabbit created on a freakish 'genetic art' experiment. I hope that rat with the human ear doesn't take that long either, so we all can forget this genetic engineering nonsense.

Allright, time to catch up after yesterday's... aherm *special*.

Left out the contigencies

10:29 — Very far away, I listen to some kind of political garble. It gets closer. It is definitely someone ranting on the radio. I recognize some words but can't understand the sentences. I open my eyes. There's an hazy bright green shape to the right of me. The voices get closer, the green shape reads as '10:29'.

10:30 — My right hand gets some life of its own and smashes the clockradio's 'OFF' button.

12:00 — Wake up. Slowly get to the kitchen. The bread looks disgusting, even though there's nothing wrong with it. I'll settle for a glass of cold milk. Have milk with medicines.

12:05 — In the bathroom, staring at the mirror. "I'll shave tomorrow."

12.06 — "I'm just a sad, vain, fuck." Start pouring the shaving cream.

12.30 — Out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, I get a fabulous idea for a short film. "Must write it down."

12.35 — Finished up dressing up. Get to the bedroom, get a piece of paper. "What was it like again?" Leave home, go for a pseudo-lunch.

12.45 — At the coffeeshop, ask for a 'rainbow salad' (whatever that is) and a glass of orange juice.

12.46 — Cycling: The Tour of Portugal is on the coffeeshop's TV. How exciting.

13.00 — 'Rainbow salad'. There's ham, sausage, cheese, lettuce and tomato. "Am I supposed to eat all this?"

13.30 — Back home. "There's such a lovely day outside, I should go out."

13.40 — Get to one of the busiest bus stops in this gigantic metropolis.

14.20 — A bus arrives. Mad man aboard. Takes twenty minutes to get to the Palace. Mad man doesn't shut up: rants range from air conditioning systems to church sects to how bad the bus driver is.

14.40 — At the Crystal Palace coffeeshop. Drink coffee and sparkling water. Read some book about this weblog thing.

15.40 — Leave. Walk for a bit before going home.

16.10 — In front of the Café Ceuta. Enter. Ask for sparkling water. Write some meaningless rants. Not good enough to publish anywhere.

16.40 — Pay and leave. Phone rings. A friend of mine asks if I'd like to join him for a coffee. Five o'clock at the Bus.

17.00 — Arrive at the Bus. Friend arrives shortly after. Have some Cola.

18.00 — Leave. Walk to his home.

18.30 — Get to my friend's home. Take a look at some book he wanted me to see, plus at some cars he built on some racing game.

19.00 — Home. Turn on computer. E-mail. Load up Cafeína and If Then Else, then check out Slashdot, The Null Device, Virulent Memes and One Point Zero.

19.10 — "I ought to finish that games thing on Cafeína".

19.11 — Games allright. Loading ISS Pro Evolution.

20.10 — The championship's over. I guess I ought to do that games thing.

21.00 — Diner. Mushroom soup good. Beer chicken bad. Mum rightfully points out that I ought to eat chicken every once in a while.

21.40 — Thank God for electric dishwashers. Upload changes in Cafeína, and test the thing. No bugs. Feeling like the computer god.

21.55 — Windows crashes.

22.00 — Complicated phone negotiations with a couple of friends on which movie to see, which theatre, which session.

22.20 — Options get naturally narrower.

22.30 — One of my friends remembers he has to be at 8 o'clock at the airport. He quits.

22.40 — Drive to the gas station. Wallet gets 5 euros lighter. Drive to friend's.

23.00 — Watch him playing stupid car racing game.

23.05 — Playing great car racing game.

23.30 — Get to megaplex. 20 theatres. I told you this was a metropolis. Buy tickets. Have coffee and sparkling water.

23.40 — Not actively engaged in conversation, my eyes always slip towards the sexy blonde at the other table.

00.10 — I'm absolutely sure she was Danish.

00.30 — Movie. Femme Fatale by Brian de Palma. Quite good actually, despite a hard-to-swallow final twist.

02.40 — Leave. Drive friend home. Go home.

03.00 — Internet. Television. There's nothing new on both.

03.40 — Write this.

04.10 — What a waste of time. Textism did it better.

Nimbos alert

It seems that the old domain had been hijacked, so now the filesharing app is available on a new website. You will need to upgrade your client so that it works.

Went to see Formula 51, a British action flic starring Robert Carlyle and Samuel L. Jackson. Yet another fun movie with plenty of Guy Ritchie influences, it is not as good as Snatch but it is perfect if you enjoy your popcorn without pointless Hollywood-typical moralisms.

And yesterday's quiz: If you intended to vote for the third candidate you'd be voting for Hitler, being Roosevelt and Churchill the first two. Oh the humanity, how many lies can be covered by a handful of truths...

An open-letter to Saint Peter: Sir, on behalf of the people of Porto, located on the supposedly southern-european country of Portugal, I wish to express my anger towards the Celestial Weather Services, as it is raining today, August 10th 2002. I would like to point out that lately it seems that either you or God has a responsability on a the fact that bad weather is on the wrong hemisphere, and that many people in this Land are threatning to rebel and become atheists. Please deliver the Summer, as previously arranged with the inhabitants of Earth. We also demand good weather in November for damages. Your humble servant, Eduardo Sousa.

Our greatest hits

Today's quiz: There are three candidates running for presidency. The first one is a drunk old corrupt bastard. The second one is a seasoned politician who apreciates cigars, cheats his wife and already ordered some executions. Finally, the third one is a calm condecorated war veteran who became a vegetarian, who is faithful to his companion, who fought the corrupt status-quo and wrote a book in prison. In which candidate would you vote? Follow-up tomorrow.

Orbital's Halcyon (On and On), is indeed the ultimate summer song. 'Nuff said.

Script-o-Rama, tons of film scripts which are indeed handy for clueless film students like me. (via Zeldman)

In case you care: Winamp 3.0 has been released. Be warned though, it does suck. Bloat, bloat, bloat. I'm sticking with 2.xx, as it performs the function of a small and fast MP3 player. Which 3.0 doesn't.

Damn those bagpipes!

The Daily Probe: One can't resist headlines such as 'Arrogant Prick Think Tank Announces Solution to All Problems'. (via 1.0)

Oh look, some Offliner is wearing a tie!

Blogtree seems a good idea, but will it work? Hm, never thought that Not So Soft and Virulent Memes had the same parents as If Then Else. Hm, and I had never thought I was influenced by Jason Kottke until I took a look at ITE's initial design while I was browsing my web archives the other day. Oh well, here's Cafeína's tree too, if there's any justice there'll be a lot of children on that one.

Came back from that far, far away place that is Northeast Portugal. The Sendim Interceltic Festival was a bit of an excuse actually, as Latvian folk does probably mean more to me than 'Celtic' folk music with a keen insistence on bagpipes. Most of the bands sounded like roughed-up Corrs, without the four gals. The rest of the vacation was nice though, there's hardly a better place to eat in Portugal (which means there's hardly a better place in the world), and riding on a jeep through unsavoury roads is always good fun. Oh, and the Douro river is a lot more scary up there! I took five rolls of photos, I'll post the better ones as soon as I take some time to do the chemistry and develop them.

He goes to taverns

And that's it for the week. I'm leaving to the Northeast to spend a few days at a friend of mine's and attend some festival of folks playing bagpipes. I'll be back by Monday or so.

Hey look! Tired of getting the shit kicked out of you in Unreal Tournament? Tired of getting sliced into a million tiny bits in Jedi Outcast? Look no further: Multiplayer gaming cheats!

Anton cumo ban las cousas?

In Portugal, this rear end of the First World, one still has to go to the post office to pick up deliveries from Amazon, unless you have to pay a customs tax, in which case the Postal Service is kind enough to send a deliveryman. So there I went to pick up We've Got Blog and The Weblog Handbook, thankfully tax-free. Hm, what to say? Rebecca Blood's Weblog Handbook might be highly recommended for newcomers, but most things the book mentions I already knew. Anyway, it has good time-capsule value, it'll be interesting to find the book in twenty years time and remember the time before Google Blogs were introduced, the time when there were things called Blogger and Userland. Some thing goes for We've Got Blog, an A-list affair with lots of familiar texts. Are weblogs changing our culture? No. They are adding yet another type of celebrity.

Linguists rejoice! Now there's even a weblog partially written in Mirandish Mirandese, the other official language of Portugal (although it is only spoken by a few thousand in the Northeast).

Turbon Microb Pile

I just had to!

In 2009 the Google Corporation will take over the World. I read this before going to bed yesterday, and then I dreamed I was watching BladeRunner but there was a gigantic Google logo on the Tyrell Building. And the next moment I was playing ISS Pro Evolution Soccer and I lost the championship to Bayern Munich in the last round... er, but that's another story.

Back to the normal programming: Posted earlier on Slashdot, a comparison between new generation media formats. Nice to see Ogg Vorbis is going strong.

And someone has also pointed me to Paralexia. And yet another one, 8081.

Hm someone sent me a link to Visual Guitar by e-mail. Hm, guitars, me? That's something for the Manager.

The Public Space Iniciative, for Americans who want to take the piss.

Shit, I haven't replyed e-mails in weeks, neither checked the sites people send me. So here they come, quickly quick.

Fontomas is back! Get the 10 new fonts quick before they put them offline! Oh, and Mass is really nice. (via acb)

A founding father

There are eight different kinds of weblogs. Hm, only eight?

Incidentally, I was putting up the finishing touches in the new version of Cafeína when I got that e-mail. The new site is now online, even though there are a couple of features still missing (I had to rush it because if the newspaper article I suspect will be published tomorrow).

Hm I got an e-mail from a journalist at one of the half decent Portuguese newspapers (Público, being DN the other) with a few questions about Cafeína, and it seems that it is the oldest Portuguese weblog-type site, despite being only two years old. Which is nice.

The International Life Stock Exchange: Considering compensations payed to victims of American 'friendly fire', it is safe to say that an Afghan's life is worth 1/700 of a Chinese's, 1/10000 of an Italian's and 1/30000 of an American's. Or, that for an event in Afghanistan be considered of September 11 magnitude 90 million people would die (which is impossible since there no 90 million Afghans, but it'd be nice to know how much is a Pakistani's life worth).