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May 2nd 2008

mental_floss: Ramen. Yay! Ramen is by far my favourite Japanese dish. Just a tip for Porto residents: if you ever consider going to that ‘japanese’ restaurant in Ribeira
that has ‘Lamen’ in the menu, don’t. Avoid it like the plague: they can’t tell the difference between noodles and spaghetti.

March 24th 2008

Office reflection

March 20th 2008

A tour of the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas -“best movie theatre ever”. Wow, it really looks impressive. Austin has quite a reputation in independent film history (Richard Linklater was once an active programmer there), and I can see why. In Portugal there’s no tradition of a movie-going experience. Even outside the multiplex, movie-goers are treated like shit — often, they can’t even get a cup of coffee (it was sad to see the way a place like the Cinema Nun’Alvares was begging to be closed). When I visited Amsterdam I went to The Movies, and had a taste of what a civilized service to the filmgoer is. Don’t underestimate the experience.

March 9th 2008

March 3rd 2008

Lisbon yet again.

March 2nd 2008

February 28th 2008

February 27th 2008