I couldn’t resist posting about There, I Fixed It, a blog about the damnation of elegant solutions. Reproduced above, an attempt at in-car air conditioning.

I hadn’t linked Cat and Girl for a while, but Dorothy’s take on the reactions to Michael Jackson’s death is spot on. (via The Null Device)

The rather interesting blog The Map Scroll has a post on Why We’re Fucked, that is, the world’s humungously uneven Balances of Trade.

You already know the United States owes a lot, China is owed a lot, however the true story lies here, in a per-capita account balance map. Americans and Australians, still not surprisingly, consume a real lot more than they can afford, but who else? Iceland, also not surprisingly is a black hole of deficit, but then come Greece, Spain and good old Portugal. Whaa? Us Portuguese spending far more than we can? No way, I’m sure we earned all those German automobiles with hard labour!

Alan Clarke’s Olympic posters proposals. It’s funny people (including me) find them reminiscent of Otl Aicher’s Munich 72 posters, even though we find they were actually quite different when we actually look at them. Given the strangeness of the 2012 games’ logo, perhaps Aicher’s psychedelia would be a more fitting choice.

Xkcd — Mission to Culture. I can definitely relate to feeling embarrassed while trying to show uncooperative people something new, but I also believe culture is something you consume and doesn’t necessarily make you a better person, so I have a hard time coping with some people’s smugness.

Alex Cornell’s design proposals for a hypothetical Wes Anderson Film Festival. Style emulation isn’t normally my cup of tea, and the visual aesthetics of Wes Anderson’s films isn’t that hard to copy (think bold Futura, a mix of complementary pastel colors, and orthogonal framing — which Cornell didn’t even use). But still there’s something absolutely compelling about this series. (via Johanna Reed)