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May 11th 2008

May 9th 2008

May 8th 2008

May 7th 2008

‘True Spirit’ by Guillaume Paris, 1992. Each word in the sentence is the brand name of the product displayed under it — left to right: cigarette, soap, margarine, cleaning pad, dog food. (at VVORK)

May 4th 2008

May 2nd 2008

mental_floss: Ramen. Yay! Ramen is by far my favourite Japanese dish. Just a tip for Porto residents: if you ever consider going to that ‘japanese’ restaurant in Ribeira
that has ‘Lamen’ in the menu, don’t. Avoid it like the plague: they can’t tell the difference between noodles and spaghetti.

March 24th 2008

Office reflection

March 20th 2008

A tour of the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas -“best movie theatre ever”. Wow, it really looks impressive. Austin has quite a reputation in independent film history (Richard Linklater was once an active programmer there), and I can see why. In Portugal there’s no tradition of a movie-going experience. Even outside the multiplex, movie-goers are treated like shit — often, they can’t even get a cup of coffee (it was sad to see the way a place like the Cinema Nun’Alvares was begging to be closed). When I visited Amsterdam I went to The Movies, and had a taste of what a civilized service to the filmgoer is. Don’t underestimate the experience.

March 9th 2008