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December 4th 2008

December 3rd 2008

December 1st 2008

Europa Film Treasures.

A shame there are no portuguese films in this archive, but I’m not surprised given the Cinemateca Portuguesa’s costumary greed when it comes to showing its treasures.

November 25th 2008

November 20th 2008

Visual Movie Reviews! This is the kind of thing that makes me ashamed of sometimes being too lazy to even write down a number from 1 to 5…

November 9th 2008

Miroslav Tichý is a Czech artist who built all of his photographic equipment from stuff found in the garbage (above, Tichy with one of his self-made cameras), and who develops his photos in a bucket (instead of a darkroom).

Wow. Someone do a movie about Tichy. Please…

November 5th 2008

November 2nd 2008