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June 26th 2008

Something wicked I’m preparing. Coming soon.

June 23rd 2008

June 19th 2008

June 12th 2008

June 11th 2008

June 8th 2008

May 29th 2008

Mobile devices I owned. Left to right: An old Ericsson (the first cellphone I had), a Siemens C35 and a M35 (which ended up in my hands in quick succession), a Panasonic V3 (absolutely the best phone I ever had, I wonder why Panasonic quit the business — shame it went mute or I’d carry it still), a Zapp EVDO device, and a barely functional Nokia 5300 (a steaming pile of crap from day one — no battery life, no sound quality). The picture was taken with a brand new Sony-Ericsson V640. Let’s see how this one will work out. The Panasonic will be hard to beat: when I switched it on for this group photo, I was stunned by the display quality. Impressive for a low-midrange, three year old phone.

May 27th 2008

May 26th 2008