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September 14th 2008

Just finished principal photography in my newest short film*. I just want to thank the rest of the gang: Marcelino, Ines, Margarida and Joana.

You rock!

* If you are wondering: it was a sort of secret project, but will be ready soon.

September 13th 2008

September 10th 2008

September 2nd 2008

London from above, at night. Some incredible examples of night photography — mostly of landmarks and the City / Eastern London skyscrapers — perfect postcards. But I like the commonplace more.

August 26th 2008

Lots, lots of Olympic action photos (beware, all images in the same long page). Many incredible close-ups and high speed details as I guess the Olympic Games are a photographer goldmine. So this rare item is the photo I had to use to illustrate this post.

I can’t resist posting another, though. Isn’t fencing just awesome to look at, it is it just me carrying a small atavistic bit of Star Wars geekness?

VVork is all about flags this month. Here’s Game Flags by Vuk Cosic. I’ve once penned a yet-unproduced script to be titled Celestial Kingdom (which is bigger bucks required, apply for subsidy material) that dabbles with the concept of Micronations, and I can’t look at a fictional flag without a smirk in my face.

August 25th 2008

August 22nd 2008

Via Kottke, a Wired profile of Neal Stephenson.

Even though I’ve found the last pages of Cryptonomicon and the massive Baroque Cycle a little pale in comparison to the brilliance of the rest (all in all very joyful rides though), The Diamond Age’s pure, perfect ten storytelling perfection is enough to rate Stephenson as perhaps my favourite writer. Not forgetting that Stephenson goes beyond being a sci-fi, steampunk, cyberpunk, historical cypherpunk writer. His writing craft is really, really good, and I think he should be considered as serious as writer as any, say, Nobel laureate (am I the one to find a certain affinity between Stephenson’s conception of fiction and Saramago’s ‘magical realism’?).

More raving? I’ve already ordered Anathem, and I can’t wait for the book to be delivered at my doorstep.