Xkcd — Mission to Culture. I can definitely relate to feeling embarrassed while trying to show uncooperative people something new, but I also believe culture is something you consume and doesn’t necessarily make you a better person, so I have a hard time coping with some people’s smugness.

Alex Cornell’s design proposals for a hypothetical Wes Anderson Film Festival. Style emulation isn’t normally my cup of tea, and the visual aesthetics of Wes Anderson’s films isn’t that hard to copy (think bold Futura, a mix of complementary pastel colors, and orthogonal framing — which Cornell didn’t even use). But still there’s something absolutely compelling about this series. (via Johanna Reed)

I spent some time rebuilding my portfolio website from scratch and by hand (meaning: Notepad — plusplus, to be precise), because the old site was at the same advanced (1990s) technology — think D-HTML — and absolutely ridiculous — think pop-up windows. I hope you enjoy the brand new iteration. Tips: 1. while browsing, move the pointer to the area where the image is to automatically enter a ‘theatre mode’ which hides the menu and centers the subject image; 2. you can also use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between pages.

The site is probably totally broken in some browsers, but worked fine in Webkit (Chrome/Safari) and Firefox 3, and also tested well in IE7 and IE8 (although somewhat uglier — rounded corners do a world of difference). So please, feel free to complain if something looks off — unless you’re using IE5 or something like that. And enjoy!

Someday wireless networking will need no sign. Even though I actually enjoy wifi-less coffeehouses more — I find it unsettling when a public space is full of people doing their interaction in social networking sites. (via BBG)

“Considering a multiplicity of appearances in light of a particular aspect of relevance. Or: Can art be concrete?” by Olaf Nicolai. (via VVORK)

Software engineer Shamus Young documents how he created a generative city. This is the sort of project I have to think about at my master’s, I wonder if you can do it in Flash (of course you can, so let me rephrase it: I wonder if I can do it in Flash). Anyway, Shamus predicted he’d spend thirty hours in this, so with my knowledge of software engineering I predict I’d take… twenty times as much? Not taking into account things always end up taking twice as much time, no matter how lenient, the original prediction, this means I’ve better be more modest in my goals… A procedurally generated house?

Via Kottke: Jane’s Brand-timeline is a portrayal of a typical day in the life of its author according to the brands used during its course. Which of course reminds me of…