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Not as blatant as copyrighting silence, but still: I’ve recently attempted to upload my short film The Things We Found in the Attic to YouTube, which features a Creative Commons-licensed version of a rather famous cello piece composed by J.S. Bach I lifted from the Community Audio collection. But try to get that past YouTube’s automatic cops! Despite the fact the composer has been dead for 260 years, therefore back in copyright only by early 22nd century (if copyright expansionism keeps its current pace), YouTube’s audiofingerprinting system flags the music as owned by Sony BMG (they might ‘own’ another performance, but who cares?), banning the video from a list of countries consisting of… all there is, basically.

Strangely, Web searches (not just on Google, which can’t obviously be trusted on this) are rather thin on this issue of false positives in YouTube audio fingerprinting system; a surprise since I expected this issue to be rather recurrent. Perhaps people just give up. Anyway, here’s a YouTube version of The Things We Found in the Attic that doesn’t violate any imaginary copyrights. With a link encouraging you to watch the infringing version.