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As the World Continues (but now with gradually improving sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere), spare a thought for all the pointless posing and bullshit and ineptitude at communication that would have been such a sad summation of human History had the Mayan calendar actually been the territory rather than the map. Just go and call someone you like.

And let’s try not to scale honesty back too much, shall we? (via xkcd, obviously)

Today’s xkcd is spot on.

Love this xkcd. While teaching practical use (i.e. video editing) to kids who often reason and behave as if the computer is a black box with elves, fairies, unicorns and glitter inside, I’m always trying to offer a glimpse of the real beauty: Layer upon layer of progressive abstraction that allows for billions of very simple elements, such as what are basically on-off switches, to create something incredible complex, for instance a dramatic chipmunk.

A scary xkcd. Next week, I’m about to start teaching Editing to people born after the breakup of the Soviet Union. I teach at an University.

Another great xkcd. I’ve saved it and from now on I’ll kindly forward this flowchart to people whenever they bother me for something that exists within a menu. Along with a link to Let Me Google that for You.

This xkcd is again right on the money. The file copy dialogs are high on the list of things I find irrational in Windows — and again, I think Vista only made it worse.