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This cartoon depicts something I find so annoying it’s sad rather than funny. A rather nasty variation of this creative forgetfulness happens to me a lot whenever I need to write (or design, or code, or edit) something difficult: I’m in the shower and I feel I come up with entire paragraphs of articulate, efficient wonderfulness, but then I sit down and it feels stilted, cumbersome and inadequate. The worst part is I have no idea if my thinking in the shower was rubbish to begin with and couldnt stand the test of being commited to physical existence, or if indeed I did forget it.

Perhaps I need a waterproof voice recorder. (via Inky)

This should be hammered in the minds of many business owners and managers here. Too many businesses just don’t care, and too many managers won’t even think about what they’re doing. (Photo by Karen Abad)

Agreed. I try hard to circunvent this sad fact of life by wanting to do things that can still be considered productive — something I call ‘active procrastination’. Sadly, I’m often unsuccessful.

There are some people who are really good at using false dichotomies and then there are pelicans.

Jason Sweeney. Bravo!