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xkcd made a beautiful tribute to Douglas Engelbart, who died last Wednesday. In 1968, in what became known as the 'Mother of All Demos', Engelbart did showcase most of the computing technologies we now take for granted. I’m sure LOLcats weren’t mentioned only because of time constraints.

Tuesday, June 18th 2013

Apropos PRISM, here’s A Paranoid’s Guide to Bugging from 1968, from the rather interesting tumblelog Babylon Falling.

I haven’t yet weighted on the US’ secret-ish pervasive surveillance operation as to me it seems pretty obvious and not-news. I don’t have a definite opinion on the value of privacy (or conversely, on the value of transparency), but the fact that well-funded government agencies read the same data Google and Facebook examine because their business model depends on it doesn’t seem like a surprise at all. PRISM to me is the very definition of cloud computing. Private companies might seem more trustworthy than secret services (and only if we believe they are more accountable), but a discussion about mere degrees of trust just shows how complacent we are about data privacy.

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