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March 17th 2014

An interesting read on Jozsef Fejes’ progressive attempts to create an interesting image in which all of 16.777.216 colors possible in 24-bit RGB appear only once.

February 24th 2014

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Proof there's an API for everything, here's Fuck Off As A Service (FOAAS) —  

May 8th 2013

Videolab is an educational software piece that teaches and lets users experiment with concepts of digital video technology. It can be used standalone by students or as a lecturing tool by instructors.

I developed this Educational Software project as part of the coursework required for my Digital Media PhD, but I hope it’ll come handy in my own teaching. This prototype was made with Processing 2.08b and was thoroughly tested on Windows, but should work on other systems as well.

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January 15th 2013

These are some of my early experiments with slit-scan photography, made while trying a Processing application I coded mostly as a learning exercise. The software allows you to either 'scan' your webcam image or a video file, but since using my laptop as camera is a bit cumbersome, most of the above images were made by 'scanning' some random videos I had around. I'll have to try to shoot video specifically for slit-scanning — so far I found out that stable, sideways shots of slow-moving subjects work the best. (As an aside, slit-scan photography is basically one of the main techniques used by Photo-finish systems, only at very high frame rates.)

Anyway, I think the app is cool and stable enough to be worth sharing, so I made a download for Windows available — head to my Processing sketches page to get it!

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Tweets for December 27th 2012

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