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August 18th 2013

Toiletwolf (huh?) is right now one of my favourite photography weblogs. I’ve always been partial to austere planimetric (that is, ‘elevation’) photography, and I’m really enjoying the author’s use of longer lenses and croppings in the compositions.

August 4th 2012

More photos taken with the Voigtlander Bessa-L, this time without the faux black & white.

This photo makes perfectly clear how the Industar lens, made before advanced optical coatings were commonplace, is soft: the diffusion in the edges around the sky isn't due to any kind of post-production effect. The soviet lens does hold very well in the other pictures, though.

March 19th 2012

No matter how often Porto gets voted Best European Destination by tourists who want a quick escape to a place with cheap food, drinks, and a taste of Southern European servilitude towards their economic overlords (of course, the local hostel economic bubble and the fact that cheap Ryanair flights arrive at an airport which is actually pretty close to its destination city might also have something to do with it), the city's true charm lies in the bits and pieces that so far have defied gentrification.

August 29th 2009