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I remember when animated GIFs meant loathsome banner ads, rotating logos and other artifacts of 1990s bad and distractive webdesign. So it is perhaps the greatest and weirdest of all atavistic reemergences of a dated technology (after all, the GIF is a rather limited image format — with a palette of 256 colors max, with optional 1-bit transparencies — with an unsophisticated run-length compression algorithm, noted only for its ability to contain multiple frames) that the animated GIF became the new art form of the 2010s.

Anyway, sooner or later this looping animation madness had to come to its logical endgame, so here it is (not pictured above, so not to spoil it for you): the Procatinator.

By the way, here’s my humble contribution to the GIF+cats memepool, done with my Lomokino.

Yesterday was a big day on the camera technology front. RED unveiled its newest digital cinema camera — the Scarlet-X —, while Canon presented its first attempt at a similar ‘digital cinema’ camera — the C300. And these may be pretty cool, but it seems to me the definitive pivotal moment in video camera technology already happened a few years ago with affordable video-capable DSLRs, and the new offers from Canon and RED are just expensive small increments (even if there’s no better statement on the DSLR Revolution than the fact that a $16K cine camera can be termed ‘expensive’).

Anyway, the one camera announced yesterday I fell in love with was the Lomokino. I have never been much of a fan of Lomo cameras and the whole ‘forced lo-fi’ concept, and their whole photo lineup still strikes me as some form of hipster bling, but somehow this one seems just like a lovely toy. And even if this is no time for toys — for, even if all the news seem to be about Greece nowadays, Portugal’s economy ain’t no pickle —, I think I can get myself a 60 euro toy for Christmas along with a few film rolls. After all I don’t smoke and I learned to pack sandwiches. I can’t wait to do some animated GIFs with this thing.