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Neat tweaks

As anyone wiling to examine the source HTML of this weblog would know, my webdesign techniques are what people in 1999 would call the cutting edge. For instance, I still use a couple of table tags, because I can’t see where’s the cardinal sin in that, besides being a lot easier to make grids and to center stuff in tables. This is not what you call design correctness in this decade, but who cares — it’s my site and I design it as I please — just for Lynx even, were I in a retro-cyberpunk mood.

Anyway, since I started my master’s degree in multimedia, I’ve felt an increasing curiosity about new webdesign tricks, and I’ve spent some of my free time catching to the stuff I missed due to my cinematic adventures of the last eight years, therefore trying to relearn some Javascript in the time I would be playing Sudoku.

So here’s a neat trick for this weblog: I built from scratch some keyboard navigation! The left and right arrow keys skip through posts, Page Up and Page Down skip through dates. Tested successfully in Firefox, Chrome/Safari, and IE8! Enjoy.