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Daniel Dennett's seven tools for thinking | Books | The Observer  

TheDrawbridge | Be a gentleman on the treadmill  

Stupid for Art  

A list of open-source and free software videogame clones. Here's part of my summer holiday —  

“San Francisco” by Foxygen is my new jam. ♫…  

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August 30th 2011

Misc. links Aug 19th - 29th

Browsers running Javascript are the hottest thing right now in visuals programming: vvvv has its .js counterpart; while the toxiclibs have been ported for use in Processing.js. ···

Bootstrap, made by Twitter, looks like a good approach to a HTML+CSS framework. ···

Falsehoods programmers believe about names. A fascinating read about the actual complexities of implementing something as simple as people’s names in an application. Boing Boing ···

Convoluted TOS and ‘open’ APIs will be the death of us. A good rant on the pitfalls of using public web APIs and being subjected to the whims and Terms of Service of whoever provides it. Open APIs allow people to do great stuff, but there will always be issues of trust. Handle with care. ···

A transcript of Charlie Stross’ talk Network Security in the Medium Term, 2061-2561 AD. Worth a read if only for the idea that network security is increasingly synonymous with identity security — as Stross points out, if our existence also manifests itself in bits, protecting those bits becomes a very basic need. ···

A DSLR controller for Android. Looking at this made my Android 2.1 phone go from ‘great’ to ‘piece of shit’ instantly (as it requires Android 2.3). Even though I’d probably not use this app that much. ···

90 percent of people don’t know the shortcut to find a word in a webpage. Actually, one of the things I miss from Firefox (I use Chrome) is the option to search-as-you-type. But hitting Ctrl+F is not that much work. ···

Tom Waits on the difficulty of throwing a private listening party in this day and age. ···

Kingdom Rush (Flash game) is definitely not recommended visiting unless you want to lose the next few hours of your life. Kottke ···

May 31st 2011

January 16th 2011

Instant adventure gaming

I was never much of a Sierra gamer, probably because unlike Lucasarts’ you would get to a Game Over screen if you did something wrong… days before. Which was pretty frustrating. But there’s something compelling about being able to play those games instantly in the browser. If only you could play Monkey Island

No, I better not hear about it. I’ve got work to do.

August 4th 2010

A huge part of my childhood now fits in a website. To think of all the anxious Fridays, waiting for my dad to arrive from work with a bootleg copy of some new game (back the 80s, at least in Portugal, there was no such thing as ‘piracy’, in fact there were quite a few ‘game copy shops’). To think of all the time spent anxiously waiting for that first load attempt, only to see the game crash after 15 minutes of loading. To think of all the constant fiddling with the tape recorder, trying to ‘tune’ it for that particular tape — in a couple of years I’d be fixing radios (or destroying them in a puff of noxious electrical smoke, more likely).

And now, this website has 28 years (up to 2010!) of Spectrum games accessible and always-loadable at the click of a button, and all I can say is that for all the nostalgia, Kick Off looked like shit.

June 29th 2010