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Not as blatant as copyrighting silence, but still: I’ve recently attempted to upload my short film The Things We Found in the Attic to YouTube, which features a Creative Commons-licensed version of a rather famous cello piece composed by J.S. Bach I lifted from the Community Audio collection. But try to get that past YouTube’s automatic cops! Despite the fact the composer has been dead for 260 years, therefore back in copyright only by early 22nd century (if copyright expansionism keeps its current pace), YouTube’s audiofingerprinting system flags the music as owned by Sony BMG (they might ‘own’ another performance, but who cares?), banning the video from a list of countries consisting of… all there is, basically.

Strangely, Web searches (not just on Google, which can’t obviously be trusted on this) are rather thin on this issue of false positives in YouTube audio fingerprinting system; a surprise since I expected this issue to be rather recurrent. Perhaps people just give up. Anyway, here’s a YouTube version of The Things We Found in the Attic that doesn’t violate any imaginary copyrights. With a link encouraging you to watch the infringing version.

Wired: Photo Enlargers Loom Like Dinosaurs of the Film Age. Requiem for a technology. Even if film is still marginally hip, making color prints in a home lab is just insanely difficult, compared to scanning and (eventually) printing on an inkjet. And since you can’t flaunt your enlarger in public, unlike that old FM of yours, why put up with inconvenience?

If you fail, says Watanabe, you will stay in limbo, which means spending the rest of your life developing dynamic solutions for leveraged market-driven global enterprise frameworks across downstream cross-platform industry. If you succeed, I will help you return to your former career as an independent boutique retailer of imported artisanal tapenade.

So funny in a strange way, even though I loved Inception: Christopher Nolan’s Implementation

Up to a point, John. These things matter as long as you don’t pretend your tastes are achievements. Any idiot with a bank account can buy Criterion Collection DVDs at the local Fnac or, even better, a book containing select quotes from the French New Wave… (via Filmquotes)

I usually don’t like it when people ask me questions such as “Who’s your favourite film director?”, or “Who’s your favourite writer?”, or “What’s your favourite band?”. I usually respond by barking some kind of “Meh.” meaning “I am an adult person capable of liking multiple authors and artists at the same time — and being a person, not a robot, means my love and respect are not quantifiable”.

However, if you ask me who’s my favourite movie star, my answer is robot-like prompt:
Cate Blanchett.

So allow me to indulge myself and put up this picture. No further comments. (via Pedro Quintas)