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Lei e ordem (2006). Nov 3rd

The Futureplaces impromptu Allstars Orchestra. Nov 3rd

Constança Araújo Amador, 'Estar Só É Estar no Íntimo do Mundo' (2013). N' A Cadeira de Van Gogh. Nov 3rd

Elvises (Lisboa, 2008). Nov 2nd

RU+A: Maniaks na praça Carlos Alberto. Nov 1st

O poster que faltava para compor bem a sala. Nov 1st

Ouve o outro a ouvir (2007). Oct 31st

É triste quando os livros usados vêm com dedicatórias recentes. Oct 30th

Natureza morta com livros e amplificador. Oct 29th

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, 'The Bed of Procrustes' (2010). Oct 29th

A vida académica... Oct 28th

Instagram, week 44, 2013. Littered streets after a (stupid and pseudo-traditional) academic fraternity party. N.N.T. defends procrastination in The Bed of Proscrutes. That time during the afternoon the sunlight hits my desk just right. How sad it is to find the used book I bought had been a Christmas gift. A ticket office with a sign that says "Listen the other one listening" (from the 2007 archives, can't remember the context). Decorated my office with a vintage public domain poster. RU+A continues — the finished intervention by the Maniaks collective. Playing cards with Elvises (from the 2008 archives). A friend, the illustrator Constança Araújo Amador, has a new exhibition at the Cadeira de van Gogh here in Porto, check it out. The Futureplaces Impromptu All-Stars Orchestra presented Daft Phunk, a very funny (and very noisy!) concert. Testing my (first) cameraphone — a Panasonic clamshell that was rather satisfying to use — at my father's office (from the 2006 archives).

Like a boss. Oct 26th

Monstros coloridos (2013). Oct 26th

Intermináveis obras (2013). Oct 26th

Gotham. Oct 24th

RU+A de Cedofeita. Oct 21st

Rua de Cedofeita, para memória futura. Oct 21st

A RU+A continua! Oct 21st

RU+A: Third continuando a ilustração. Oct 21st

A RU+A continua! Oct 21st

Instagram, week 43, 2013: more RU+A project graffiti interventions in Cedofeita by Mesk, Third (finishing his painting of Billie Holiday) and the Maniaks collective; Hélia Aluai's earlier intervention has a rather interesting effect when backlit at night.

And also: a (rather central) building that resembles something out of Gotham City — hadn't noticed it before! Yellow truck involved in that endless roadwork at the doorstep of the college where I work. And it's nice to see Ari the cat growing up.

Rua Elísio de Melo. Oct 9th

Rua de Ceuta. Oct 11th

Rua Cândido dos Reis. Oct 10th

Rua do Almada. Oct 12th

Praça Carlos Alberto. Oct 13th

Rua dos Clérigos. Oct 10th

Rua de Cedofeita. Oct 13th

Rua Ramalho Ortigão. Oct 12th

Praça Carlos Alberto. Oct 13th

Combatentes. Oct 10th

Rua de Ceuta. Oct 9th

Guitar Hero. Oct 10th

Palácio. Oct 9th

Instagram, week 41, 2013: a series of photos on a common theme, the streets of Porto I spend most time at. I had never used the stock camera app that came with my phone (a 2012 HTC One S), but I found it has a rather good 'HDR' mode that doesn't produce blatantly obvious (at least to me) HDR pictures.

A RU+A continua! Oct 6th

Foyer. Oct 6th

Elevador. Oct 6th

Cassette. Oct 6th

Uma banca onde se cozinham projectos. Oct 5th

Fotografia feita para deixar eventuais teóricos sem dormir. Oct 4th

Ribeira de Gaia. Oct 2nd

Teleférico. Oct 2nd

Remodelação. Oct 1st

Instagram, week 40, 2013. Office makeover. I rarely make the cross to the other side of the Douro river, saw the new aerial tramway up close for the first time (it's a shame it's been built as an expensive ride for tourists, it would be rather useful as public transportation). An attempt at trolling photography critics with a photo of Susan Sontag's On Photography. My friend Joana's new apartment building has an interesting foyer, an... interesting elevator, and cassette tapes lying around. The RU+A project continues, with a painting by Hélia Aluai.

Car boot sale no Silo Auto. Apareçam! Sep 29th

Flea market com vista. Sep 29th

Diz que os manobradores são simpáticos. E patriotas. Sep 28th

Clima ameaçador. Sep 27th

Retrofuturismo à porta de casa. Sep 24th

Até para o ano, Verão. Sep 24th

Em obras. Sep 24th

Instagram, week 39, 2013. Intense roadwork at my workplace's doorstep. The clouds that brought about massive showers. A BMW Isetta was parked at my door. A patriotic excavator with a bumper sticker that reads "backhoe operators are nice". A car boot sale with a view, shame it was very chilly and windy.

Ecrã Azul da Morte. Sempre no mesmo sitio. Sep 22nd

Not now, Google Now. Not now. Sep 21st

A RU+A continua II. Sep 20th

A RU+A continua! Sep 20th

ZX Spectrums. Sep 20th

Double-decker. Sep 19th

Algumas horas (mentalmente) de férias. Sep 17th

Os melhores pores-do-sol são nesta altura do ano. Sep 17th

RU+A. Sep 16th

upload Sep 16th

Instagram, week 38, 2013. The RU+A event. Also, one of the murals painted a couple of days later. A beautiful sunset over the motorway. Some time to play FIFA. Riding the top floor of a double-decker bus. ZX Spectrums on display. Google Now recommended I listened to The Smiths in a somewhat scarily prescient manner. An ATM got the Blue Screen of Death.