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Texas Bar, Matosinhos. Jun 16th

Flea Market - mercado de Matosinhos. Jun 16th

Mercado de Matosinhos. Jun 15th

Flea Market - mercado de Matosinhos. Jun 15th

Arquitectura. Jun 12th

Stereolab em vinil é grande cena. Jun 12th

Encomendas. Jun 12th

A ver o que acontece... Jun 12th

Voigtlander Bessa-L, 25mm Skopar. Jun 12th

Rua das Flores (2013). Jun 10th

Rendering. Jun 10th

Instagram, week 24, 2013. Quality local architecture. Stereolab on vinyl. Ongoing chronicling of endangered street art. Prevening my laptop from overheating by propping it on top of a bit of particleboard. A bar called Texas Bar. A new Voigtlander Bessa-L that came bundled with a 25mm Skopar lens. Selling stuff at a flea market, giant live roosters nearby.

Final da Champions. May 26th

Flea market. May 26th

Flea market. May 26th

Sim senhor, está muito mais bonito agora. May 23rd

Chris Ware's 'Building Stories'. May 21st

Antes que 'limpem'. May 21st

Às vezes acontece. May 20th

Porto Tricampeão. May 20th

Instagram, week 21, 2013. FC Porto have won a hard-fought Championship — this one was sports history. Unboxing Chris Ware's Building Stories. Beer bottles and lupin bean shells after a Champions League final watching party. A day at the flea market. Taking pictures of local graffiti before the cleaning brigades come; walls collapsing in the meantime.