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Para queijo: o que é que era verdade quando este Trivial Pursuit foi fabricado? Feb 2nd

Maquinaria. Feb 1st

Bairro das Artes. Jan 31st

Ah, racer! Jan 30th

Até ao próximo semestre. Jan 30th

Varanda de Belmonte. Jan 30th

Foz (Minolta Dynax 5, 2002). Jan 29th

Return to Forever. Jan 29th

A torre que desaparece no nevoeiro. Jan 28th

Porto de Leixões (2001). Jan 28th

Emaranhado. Jan 27th

Cildo Meireles também faz produtos ACME - no Museu de Serralves. Jan 27th

Debaixo do pedregulho ACME. Jan 27th

Instagram, week 05, 2014: a giant ACME-looking rock held up by a crane at Cildo Meireles' exhibition at Serralves; and a selfie taken underneath (after signing a personal responsability form, which was a bit troubling now that I think of it). More cranes in an archival picture of Leixões harbour. The view from one balconies, as the semester ends at the college where I teach. An old model Fiat Punto (similar to my first car) with a rather funny aileron on the back. Men operating an extremely orange CANALMASTER, whatever sewer-related function that large machine does. 

Natureza morta com maçãs e tigela para noodles (2013, Canon 650D + Pentacon 50/1.8). Dec 21st

Área da Alimentação do Bom Sucesso. Dec 21st

A shelfie at the office. Dec 17th

O último rasgo de sol de hoje. Dec 17th

Caiu sozinho (2013). Dec 16th

Anoitecer sobre a Baixa. Dec 16th

Instagram, week 51, 2013: Sunset over dowtown Porto. "It just fell" graffito on the exposed walls of a house that fell apart because of the (sloppy?) construction work next door. The day's last sunny rays at a staircase railing. A shelfie taken at my office. The Mercado do Bom Sucesso, which was and is still supposed to be a fresh produce market, but instead became a banner for 'urban renewal' through tourist-friendly hotels and homogenized, pasteurized 'gourmet' shops (as if these can be set in a chilly, concrete monstrous hall); having spent a few days filming the events of a Book Festival held there, I came to intensely dislike the architecture. Testing an old Pentacon lens on my digital SLR.

JN. Dec 15th

Anoitecer sobre a Rua do Bolhão. Dec 15th

Costa Cabral. Dec 15th

Azulejos. Dec 13th

E entra-se por onde? Dec 11th

Folhagem. Dec 10th

Por vezes também não sei com quantos F se escreve. Dec 9th

Instagram, week 50, 2013: I have to admit sometimes I too have a hard time spelling the word 'graffiti' — is it two Fs or two Ts? A building without a door — we do have lots of those. At least, ceramic tiles (locally known as azulejo) still survive in some buildings. Sunset over downtown Porto.

Ex-casas. Dec 8th

Ilha. Dec 7th

Um achado para animar a malta. Dec 7th

Nenhuma prateleira de filosofia moderna estará completa sem a obra de Charles M. Schulz. Dec 5th

A Sé e a farmácia. Dec 5th

A brincar com a VSCOCam para Android. Dec 5th

No correio hoje, um dos meus livros preferidos. Dec 3rd

Instagram, week 49, 2013: after giving away my copy of Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 I felt my bookshelves were incomplete, so I had to order a new (used) one. Tested VSCOCam for Android — it has some nice filters for people bored with Instagram's, but it is still very buggy. I made the conscious decision to place my Peanuts comic books in my Philosophy shelf. Annoyed by the Christmas music at the second-hand market, I bought a Prince record.