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Boa noite. Jul 28th

Papo para o ar. Jul 28th

Entre dois açudes no Cávado. Jul 28th

Diamante. Jul 27th

Nuvens + óculos com lentes polarizadas. Jul 26th

Poesia. Jul 25th

Café Ceuta. Jul 23rd

Rasgado. Jul 23rd

Traseiras. Jul 23rd

Restaurante chinês. Jul 23rd

Domingo de lua cheia. Jul 22nd

Instagram, week 30, 2013. Streetlights and a full moon. The ceiling at a Chinese restaurant. The backlots of Cedofeita. Torn posters, stencil and graffitti. Lunch at Café Ceuta. The clouds above the City Hall tower. Another dip in the river Cávado. My bedroom at night.

Rio Cávado. Jul 14th

Mergulho no Cávado com @mariajruiz e P. Foto de @henriquetalves Jul 14th

Amares. Jul 13th

Em Amares. Jul 13th

Amares. Jul 13th

Pátio. Jul 13th

Bonbons para acelerados. Jul 10th

Música para aeroportos. Jul 10th

Os outros realizadores & eu. Jul 9th

Barca. Jul 9th

Ar do rio para sobreviver ao calor. Jul 8th

Praia da Aguda Jul 8th

Instagram, week 28, 2013. Coffee at the beach. At the river. Books about Sidney Lumet, Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick, Jim Jarmush, David Lynch (is that the best I got?), Alfred Hitchcock and 'I'. Nespresso capsules are like candy (for accelerated people). A kitten, a puppy and three tortoises all inhabit the same coffeehouse. A dip into the Cávado river.

Bonaparte Pub. Jun 27th

Rui Rio. Jun 26th

Reabilitação urbana. Jun 25th

Instagram, week 26, 2013. A funny lamp. Urban rehabilitation — not! Major irony points for the author of this 'Rui Rio' graffiti — Rio being the douchy mayor of Porto who recently started a somewhat selective War On Graffiti, protecting the precious eyesight of tourists and out-of-towners from the unpleasentness that are walls sporting political commentary, even in highly tasteful guises.