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I had a couple of Capsela kits when I was a kid (which explains a lot, I know), so this is the kind of things that tickles the geekiest and most obessive part of me:

Siftables, developed at the MIT Media Lab, are little bricks with little monochrome screens and a little wifi you can put together to literally build applications. How sci-fi! I wonder how many years until you can buy these at Toys’R’Us.

On the other hand you can buy the littleBits easy electronic kits right now, but it’s like comparing a MITS Altair against a ZX Spectrum. I’ll pass the Altair and wait for the Speccy.

Ten beautiful computers: Boing Boing Gadgets. My first computer was a Timex 2068, which was, by the way, the first computer sold as if “made in Portugal”, like this one. Anyway, even though the Timex was actually better than the original Spectrum, the 48K Speccy will always be the coolest-looking computer ever. If only the Amiga 500 looked as cool, Apple would’ve been dead in the water and Commodore would still exist.

The Panasonic Design Museum website brings out good memories of old gadgets you never had… I really like this charming Radio Cassette Recorder from 1967.