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Still on this subject, here’s an appropriate comic by Chainsawsuit. (via Inky)

And regarding the fact the US are discussing an online censorship bill, which according to the proposals would be enforced by and on request of private corporation: that would settle once and for all the debate on whether ‘Democracy’ is just a televised gameshow in the United States, but despite that I believe such a thing would instantly backfire economically, and the shareholders in too many companies not in the entertainment business can’t have that. So maybe the bill won’t pass — but still, just the fact such a proposal is under consideration means the idea won’t go away easily, and from the point of view of the rest of the world, having these kinds of laws is what defines a corrupt banana republic of the kind seen in 80s action movies.

Take it from someone who lives in a country that for most of the time resembles one of those places.