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I happen to have a few boxes of staples at my office. Here’s an idea for when I get bored. ‘Staple Architecture’ by Peter Root. (via Some Random Dude)

Action Painting #8 (after Michael Bay). It may be really a lot of wishful thinking on my part, but I want to believe there’s more to Michael Bay than just literally blowing up millions of dollars in a big loud BOOM! CDM describes how Jeremy Rotsztain made some generative ‘action paintings’ informed by Bay’s mindless action sequences.

“Considering a multiplicity of appearances in light of a particular aspect of relevance. Or: Can art be concrete?” by Olaf Nicolai. (via VVORK)

Software engineer Shamus Young documents how he created a generative city. This is the sort of project I have to think about at my master’s, I wonder if you can do it in Flash (of course you can, so let me rephrase it: I wonder if I can do it in Flash). Anyway, Shamus predicted he’d spend thirty hours in this, so with my knowledge of software engineering I predict I’d take… twenty times as much? Not taking into account things always end up taking twice as much time, no matter how lenient, the original prediction, this means I’ve better be more modest in my goals… A procedurally generated house?

Later they had sex™, and the Durex® condoms were reliable.

Work Buy Consume Die, which I wrote ten years ago.