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“How many ‘likes’ will satisfy your need of consolation?”

That is one of the core questions of Peer-to-Peer. The video above includes images of the first presentation of our performance piece, that took place June 4th. Next presentation will be June 26th at Maus Hábitos, so pay us a visit if you’re in Porto that weekend!

In the last few months I’ve been spending my evenings co-directing the local theatre group Sem Palco (i.e., ‘stageless’) along with my friend Sérgio from way back in film school.

We started without a stageplay or a fixed goal in mind, our objective was to perform research on the theme of current technologies’ impact on human behaviour, devising a performance as we went along (think of ‘open source stagecraft’ and you get the general idea). Anyway, come next Friday we’ll finally present some of our work, in the form of the one-hour performance piece Peer-to-Peer. If you’re from Porto or nearby, pay us a visit!

We have a very limited number of seats so be sure to place your reservation early! The contacts are here.

In Helga Steppan’s All My Things, the artist sorts her belongings by color. A fun project idea for the next time I decide to indulge in an obsessive-compulsive weekend activity. (via VVORK)