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Wired: Photo Enlargers Loom Like Dinosaurs of the Film Age. Requiem for a technology. Even if film is still marginally hip, making color prints in a home lab is just insanely difficult, compared to scanning and (eventually) printing on an inkjet. And since you can’t flaunt your enlarger in public, unlike that old FM of yours, why put up with inconvenience?

A sign of the times: It had been over a year since the last time I used film. So yesterday I loaded some Fuji 400 I had in the fridge into my old EM (it has a shutter that sounds and feels like a heavy slap in the face, but alas, my favourite camera — the Electro — took a nasty blow to the lens and is stuck on infinity). I went to the street and got to do what I seem to do best (because I’m a coward who doesn’t photograph people): silly planimetric street typologies.

Sexy People intends to be “a celebration of the perfect portrait”. It certainly is. I bet the fine photo of an Italian gentleman above was well-regarded when taken, but I guess many of the portraits on the site were seen as bad pictures at the time they were taken, and dropped to the bottom of a shoebox. That is why I very rarely delete digital photos, some of the pictures that look crappy now will probably be the most interesting someday. (via Johanna Reed)