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I can’t explain why I like this. Suddently I hope someone would actually write a Tumblr client for the Atari 2600 as they did a Twitter client for the ZX Spectrum. I actually had a 2600 when I was a kid, a few year after I had my Spectrum. It rocked my world despite the much poorer graphics and sound (if such a thing is possible), because the games loaded instantly.

My fastest machine ever. (via Topherchris)

Neco Toüch is a game “all the rage among German children” that awards points for befriending feral cats with careful touches on the nose (eliciting purrs is a 1000pt bonus).”

Feral cats, really? I’d like to see the real version of that. Famicase Gallery: 2010’s best imaginary 8-bit games.

THEM THANGS, ‘ritualistic iconography’ (some images NSFW). Another blog of the neverending-stream-of-images kind, but in hip black and white. I like it. (via None00)

Ten beautiful computers: Boing Boing Gadgets. My first computer was a Timex 2068, which was, by the way, the first computer sold as if “made in Portugal”, like this one. Anyway, even though the Timex was actually better than the original Spectrum, the 48K Speccy will always be the coolest-looking computer ever. If only the Amiga 500 looked as cool, Apple would’ve been dead in the water and Commodore would still exist.