Samurai voitures

Ronin: the best action flick of recent years, since Léon. It is quite surprising an American director, John Frankheimer, was able to create the ultimate European racin'n'shootin' fest. Robert de Niro, one of my favourite American actors is there, along with 'Léon' himself, Jean Reno. Their mission, to retrieve a suitcase (don't worry about what's inside). And to so, they'll be engaged in some of the most spectacular shooting scenes and pursuits ever. People acustomed to American car pursuits will be wondering what cars are those (they're Audi, Citroën, BMW, Peugeot, classic Mercedes) and why do those cars get damaged when they go up the pavement at 120km/h, or why do they always slide on sharp corners and why do they run over people on narrow and crowded streets, unlike American 'voitures' that seem to have perfect traction control, unless a bit of slide helps to the clichéd crossroad pile-up. And also, unlike the American's rather daft police, a small city in Ronin is likely to have a huge crowd of policemen and police cars in the streets the day after a bloodbath. Actually, Ronin came out three years ago, and I watched it yet again yesterday. I should now go rent it too.