Sadistic software

Yesterday I accidentally deleted 80 megs worth of Unreal Tournament addons. After screaming "Noooooooo!" for a while, I decided to search for an 'undelete' program on the Internet. And what did I find? A 'freeware' that "can scan your hard drive partitions and list all deleted files that may still be recoverable. As an emergency recovery solution, it is intended as a first step and requires that you purchase Undelete 2.0 in order to recover any files you may want back." Freeware, huh? What about, 'sadisticware'? Other 'freeware' undeleters weren't much better, and needless to say, I'm downloading everything again.

Faster site, less hits per day: I removed the reciprocal banner from this webpage, as this page would stop loading until their Javascript code would load too, which meant this website had to rely on the server. Which wasn't nice.