The filters

After playing for some time with the Filter Forge beta (the nodal filter creator for Photoshop I mentioned before), I came up with two color correction filters. Behold:

Little Bullet aims to emulate the Magic Bullet Editors color correction plugin for Adobe Premiere. It doesn't feel exactly the same, but does get similar results.

Little Room, although not nearly as comprehensive, does the color manipulations I use most when playing with Develop panel in the Adobe Lightroom beta.

Of course, you need Filter Forge to play with these. In a perfect world, Filter Forge would compile self-contained plugins for Photoshop, along with plugins for After Effects and every other app that does image manipulation via plugins. Of course, that would render Filter Forge worthless for everyone but the odd geek while destroying the whole software plugin market as it got flooded by free Magic Bullet clones made by people with a somewhat basic knowledge of image processing and a few hours' spare time. But then again, the filters I did are just like about 50% of every commercial plugin that exists (and 90% of color manipulation plugins, including the Magic Bullet for Editors color corrector): they just present things the main application already does in a more convenient interface. So there. Filter Forge is fun to play with (if you're into that kind of stuff, mind you), but I imagine one day Adobe will revamp the Actions functionality in Photoshop properly and will render FF irrelevant.