Information ruling the nation

The Internet. Graham was in good form today.

A very big and comprehensive list of video plugins for multiple editing and effects apps.

Very large resolution images, viewable with a Google Maps-like interface. The urban subjects images are quite astonishing, you zoom in and zoom in and zoom in...

Public domain music. "Like iTunes, only better"? They could use a better slogan, though.

Say 'blogosphere' again! Should have bought one of these a few of years ago.

Even though I'm quite suspicious of the whole Dale Carnegie cult, these things are just like a road accident you just can't ignore and look away: How to Network, For Introverts. Advice that might improve your life.

This is why BibliOdyssey is a wonderful wunderkammer of illustration: The Motifs of Understated Architecture. And you thought you were living in a new baroque age... (In related news, here's that belt buckle found at the Castelo de Tomar.)