Ladies and gentlemen <drum ruff>... It's the Extremely Irritating Things in Webshites Special! <hi-hats>:

1. Advertising: Is there a better way to put the 'H' in 'website'? Pop-up, pop-under, giga-banners and even text-based ads suck. Of course, insistent pop-ups or any other form of exaggerated advertising will manage to take out the 'web' in 'webshite'.

2. MIDI music: Satan loves MIDI. 'Nuff said.

3. 'We are the cutting edge': Bragging will get design sites the well-deserved 'H'. Unless it's a joke.

4. 'We are the broadband cutting edge': Let me put this straight: Modems end up being faster than most cable & DSL connections. And modems are not fond of sad excuses to abuse bandwidth.

5. Graphics from hell: People who don't know the difference between a .GIF and a .JPEG shouldn't be allowed to do websites. Neither people who compress badly, or people who use excessive graphics.

6. Slow webserver: Why? Even free hosts like Geocities are reasonably fast, and paid hosts are even faster. No mercy for l33t kids who insist in hosting their websites in their own webservers with a 14.4kbps connection.

7. D-HTML scroller: Aren't people still fed up of this toy? Sometimes we might need small scrollers, but what about the mouse-wheel friendly <iframe>?

8. Short scrollers in weblogs: And God forbid D-HTML scrollers.

9. Mega-promotion tools: I understand the odd 'Rate me!' button or the odd webring, but not a whole page filled with crap. And hide that stupid counter, please.

10. 'Skip-less' Flash intros: Unlike many I still see a purpose on the Flash intro. However, sometimes I'm not in the mood for such bells and whistles, and a responsive 'skip' is handy.

11. Corporate Flash website: 100%-Flash might be acceptable for designer sites, but not corporate webshites. Just imagine trying to copy-paste a few contacts, or some information. Bummer.

12. Ultra-table: Most weblogs might push this a bit. It always sucks to wait for a table containing 200K of data to load, because you can't read the contents. This site will only show 7 entries per page to keep the table small. Having a full month of content inside is a sure way to get your site awarded an 'H'.

13. 'Snifosis': I hate weblogs that are too personal. Nicely introspective ones are good at times, but the "my girlfriend dumped me yesterday and my goldfish died, please have pity on me" is just plain crap. Get yourself together, and get yourself some real friends!

14. 'We offer leading e-commerce solutions': No you don't. You are broke! Which is nice.

More annoyances will be published as the web evolves.