I remember when animated GIFs meant loathsome banner ads, rotating logos and other artifacts of 1990s bad and distractive webdesign. So it is perhaps the greatest and weirdest of all atavistic reemergences of a dated technology (after all, the GIF is a rather limited image format — with a palette of 256 colors max, with optional 1-bit transparencies — with an unsophisticated run-length compression algorithm, noted only for its ability to contain multiple frames) that the animated GIF became the new art form of the 2010s.

Anyway, sooner or later this looping animation madness had to come to its logical endgame, so here it is (not pictured above, so not to spoil it for you): the Procatinator.

By the way, here’s my humble contribution to the GIF+cats memepool, done with my Lomokino.