It's a feature, not a bug!

This might be the most useless tweak I ever committed to If Then Else, but comments will now show up inline in the blog pages. Facebook-like, if you really want to call it that.

Of course this is something that can be described as Quixotic, as people rarely comment on blogs anymore. It’s a lot more interesting to engage in dialogue with people you actually know (or should) via social networks than disagreeing with strangers who are wrong on the internet; and people read blogs via RSS anyway.

Two other tweaks might be important signs of the times, though:

1. I removed the blogroll. It was hard to maintain and I think whatever’s good is linked via the via segment at the end of posts. I might someday code some ‘autoblogroll’ that fetches the recent via links, or that grabs my RSS subscriptions. But no ‘roll for now.

2. I bumped the ‘Greatest Hits’ box to the top of the sidebar. Because I think this blog is becoming a (valuable, at least for me) archive, and good or in some way important posts should be highlighted.