I spent some time rebuilding my portfolio website from scratch and by hand (meaning: Notepad — plusplus, to be precise), because the old site was at the same advanced (1990s) technology — think D-HTML — and absolutely ridiculous — think pop-up windows. I hope you enjoy the brand new iteration. Tips: 1. while browsing, move the pointer to the area where the image is to automatically enter a ‘theatre mode’ which hides the menu and centers the subject image; 2. you can also use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between pages.

The site is probably totally broken in some browsers, but worked fine in Webkit (Chrome/Safari) and Firefox 3, and also tested well in IE7 and IE8 (although somewhat uglier — rounded corners do a world of difference). So please, feel free to complain if something looks off — unless you’re using IE5 or something like that. And enjoy!