If: I start blogging, then: You start reading

So I decided I should start 'blogging. In fact, it was almost a year ago I decided I should start blogging. I invited a few friends to 'blog along and the result was Cafeína, a sucessful 'blog that is starting to look more like an e-zine, rather than a typical weblog. Trouble is, it's in Portuguese (of the European variety), so 90% of the world's population can't read it. So here's IF THEN ELSE in standard BBC English so everyone from Jamaica to Australia (even in the U.S.!) can read my stupid rants.

FreeWeb is an easy frontend to Ian Clarke's Freenet Project, an encrypted alternative web that seems immune to censorship. Nice. However this still looks like a geek tool, so most people will continue to eat shit sandwiches. Anyway, I can't help feeling sympathy for .free domains. Remember: Free speech is a basic human right.

Looks like the Katastro.fi website has been redesigned. It looks nice, but I can't help feeling a little disappointed after such a long wait. It just takes too much space, and I use 1280x1024. I just hate fullscreen browsing, I'm much more of a windows person .