February 2nd 2014

Para queijo: o que é que era verdade quando este Trivial Pursuit foi fabricado? Feb 2nd

Maquinaria. Feb 1st

Bairro das Artes. Jan 31st

Ah, racer! Jan 30th

Até ao próximo semestre. Jan 30th

Varanda de Belmonte. Jan 30th

Foz (Minolta Dynax 5, 2002). Jan 29th

Return to Forever. Jan 29th

A torre que desaparece no nevoeiro. Jan 28th

Porto de Leixões (2001). Jan 28th

Emaranhado. Jan 27th

Cildo Meireles também faz produtos ACME - no Museu de Serralves. Jan 27th

Debaixo do pedregulho ACME. Jan 27th

Instagram, week 05, 2014: a giant ACME-looking rock held up by a crane at Cildo Meireles' exhibition at Serralves; and a selfie taken underneath (after signing a personal responsability form, which was a bit troubling now that I think of it). More cranes in an archival picture of Leixões harbour. The view from one balconies, as the semester ends at the college where I teach. An old model Fiat Punto (similar to my first car) with a rather funny aileron on the back. Men operating an extremely orange CANALMASTER, whatever sewer-related function that large machine does.